Berlin to Chicago = I’ve hired a running coach

In the last few months I’ve spent loads and loads of times to decided what to do with my upcoming marathon training plans. It wouldn’t have been that hard if I have to train for once race, but no I need to train for 2 of them . Berlin is on the 16th of September, and then chicago is on the 7th of October.

I’ve read through loads of websites, and books. Some suggested treat the first race as a practice long run and give my absolute best in the second one. Some suggested I should treat them individually. Other plans said I should give my 100% at the first one and just enjoy the second one.

So it’s all totally different and totally confusing.

For London and New York I’ve followed the MY ASICS plan. It was a nice and simple plan, and easy to follow and totally free. You can use it on a computer, or download the iPhone / Android app.


It follows a really simple plan:  Go out and run the distance, mostly with the same pace, sometimes slower other times faster. So no complicated hill sessions, fartlek sessions or other ones.

It did work because in London I’ve got around in 06:57:31 and in New York I’ve got around in 06:32:14.

As you can see I’ve improved 25 minutes in the second race.

But as I said earlier I have to run 2 marathons within 3 weeks. When I signed up for them ( via charity ) I really thought it’s the best idea ever. Then I’ve realised I wont have 6 months between them , so I really need to push my training. Definitely can’t be lazy.

I’ve asked in multiple Facebook groups if anyone recommend any good running coaches.


This is how I’ve found Denise 🙂 She’s based in Chicago, but everyone who’s done her Group or “Virtual” marathon coaching plan highly recommended her.


Coach Denise, Marathon Whisperer

Just a few awesome facts about her:

  • Certified Running Coach-Road Runners Club of America
  • Certified USATF Coach Level 1
  • 91 X Marathoner| 23 X Chicago Marathons |28 X Boston Qualifier
  • Co-Founder Girls on the Run-Chicago
  • RunCierge™ Run My City Tours
  • Abbott World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher
  • 2 X Wisconsin Ironman Finisher
  • Abbott World Marathon Majors Ambassador
  • 3 X 50 mile Ultra Marathon Finisher
  • 1 X 100 Mile Ultra Marathon Finisher
  • 200+ races completed

As you can see she’s completed loads of Marathons and 2 Ironman as well.

Becasuse I’m a slow runner, I was really worried that I won’t find any coach who caters for slower runners. But I was totally wrong. She does training plans for slow runners.

As soon as I heard that I knew that I will use her services to help me to get to Berlin and then the finish in Chicago.

I haven’t received my plan yet, so I can’t really say much about it. But I know that it will starts on the 15th of May, and if I have any questions I can email her.

She also just run Boston and London with a few of her trainees and I can’t wait to meet with her in Chicago.

When I’ve signed up with her I’ve told her that my main aim is to get finally below the 6hrs mark, and she said she will make sure it will happen.

As soon as I have more information about my plan and it’s structure I’ll give you all an update.

You can find more information about her HERE and she also offers 1-2-1 personal coaching and group coaching as well. I’ve opted for the Virtual one, because I don’t live in Chicago 🙁






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