MACS – 2017 London

After getting a big, fat ” No” at the London Marathon’s ballot in October 2016 I’ve decided to try a different tactic. I’ve decided that I’ll run a charity, run for a good cause.  I have to say , me and my family are really lucky, we haven’t been affected by any kind of life […]

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Mi is az a World Marathon Majors? Hogyan lehet jelentkezni?

Miert is futkoraszok a vilag minden reszen? Mi is konkretan a World Marathon Majors? Csak profi elit futok vehetnek reszt rajta? Vagy lelkes amator futok is? Draga? Hogyan tudok jelentkezni a versenyekre? Mi jar azoknak akik teljesitettek a kihivast? Ezek a leggyakoribbi kerdesek amiket kerdeztek tolem. Igy ugy gondolom itt az ideje irni errol egy […]

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Ironman Bolton ’19 – Back from deferment

This race was supposed to happen this year. I really wanted to do an Ironman race before I turn 30 in February 2019. But for multiple reasons I had to defer my place till 2019. I’ve started my training really well, I really thought that I can do this. But then an injury happened and […]

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