What has happened in the last 2 years?

First of all I have been totally rubbish updating my blog. I literally had no time or at points I have just been lazy.

So what has happened in the last 2 years, since my last post?

In July 2021 I ended up with a DNF at Ironman Bolton ( UK) , I decided top pull out during the bike course.

Took me a really long time to get over it, and I just felt so upset but mainly that I ended up disappointing people.

August 2021, I finally had my train drivers final, and passed out as a train driver. Yay.

September 2021, I went to Berlin with my sister to run the Berlin marathon.

October 2021, not long after Berlin I was back in London to run the London marathon.

April 2022, flew to Texas to do the local Ironman.

I will try my best to do a race recap about Texas in the next few weeks.

Also will try my best to update this website more often.

Lots of love,

Gabi xx

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