Berlin Marathon Tracking – How to track me?

Since yesterday they tracking  app is finally available. I really thought that won’t release it till like a day before the race. Chicago already released theirs, and that race is still 4 weeks away. But never mind.

A few weeks ago I’ve received my Start Card. I’ll need to take this with me to be able to collect my race pack at the Expo.


How can you track me on race day?

At the moment there is no website where you can track me. It means you’ll need to download either the iOS or the Android app.

You can follow my progress during the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. Just follow the steps below:

1. If you haven't already then please download the official BMW BERLIN-MARATHON app from the Store:

Google Play:

2. Then click on the link below to add me to your favorites and follow me on my way to the finish line during the event.

The above link doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ve tried to use it on 4 different devices but every time I’m getting an error message. So I’ll share a step by step guide below.

  •  You’ll still need to download the official marathon app. Use the Appstore / Google play link to download it.
  •  Open the app.
  1. Click on the ” Visitor” button
  2. Click on ” More “
  3. Click on ” #berlin42″
  4. Click on ” Tracking”
  5. Click on ” Search athletes “
  6. Search for ” Gabriella Waller ” or ” 69100 “
  7. Click on ” Track Gabriella Waller”




That’s all 🙂 After this you’ll be able to follow me on the map, and see my timings as well.

Beacuse I’m starting from Block H, it means that my start time will be:

  • 03.05am (Chicago time)
  • 04.05am (New York, USA time)
  • 09.05am (UK time)
  • 10.05am ( German, Hungarian time)
  • 17.35pm ( Australian Central Standard time)

I can’t wait for Friday morning, that’s when we’ll start our travels to Berlin. During our stay I’ll try to share as much things as I can. But after the race I’ll definitely write a day by day weekend report.





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