Who’s a Charity Runner? Why do I need to explain myself?!

Well I never really thought that I’ll need to write a post about this, but here we go….

I’ve shared the same photo in 3 different running groups, 1 US-based and 2 based in Hungary. It’s a picture about a countdown for my upcoming races.


As you can see I’m having a pretty busy 12 months ahead, but I do looking forward to all of them 🙂

In the US-based group ( World Marathon Majors Challenge ) as of yet I’ve received 55 likes/loves and 11 comments. All positive.

In one of the Hungarian group , won’t name it, I’ve received a really horrible comment.

In short it said, that these kind of posts does not belong into this group. I pay my self into these races, and I do not deserve to be there. According to this person only motivation people should be in this group and people who wants to run 10ks, and when they fully can run it then move forward to half marathons, and then maybe to full. But I do not belong there, because I buy my way in, and I do not put nothing down to the table to deserve to be there.

So let set the record straight, who’s a charity runner?

A charity runner is a participant in a road race, usually of half  marathon or marathon distance, who raise money or awareness for an established organization. For more elite marathons, such as the World Marathon Majors, runners who are unable to obtain a qualifying time for their gender and age group can gain entry by running for an official charity affiliated with the race. 
Other races provide charity runners with free race entry, training, team shirts, and encouragement as incentive to raise money for local charities.

Now we know the exact definition 🙂


It’s a newly founded group, only about 3 months old. This group main aim is to help slower runners, everyone who’s pace is 7mins/km or higher. I do believe I belong to this group because I usually run around 7.30-7.45mins/km. Since the group opened I’ve shared 22 posts, and 19 of them was about me running and training, 2 of them was when I’ve got the charity place for Tokyo and than today’s post.

I’ve tried to explain to this person that I’m not buying my way in. I’m running and representing different charities. Every penny I’ve put in / my friends give me I’ll transfer it to the charities straight away. With that money they are able to help men who have/could have Prostate cancer, or these charities are helping for homeless dogs / cats.

But this person still didn’t get it. Still keep going on about my buying my way in. I even explain that in the London marathon thousands of runners are raised millions of pounds for charities. These runners are representing and supporting the organisations, and helping them get better with the money they’ve raised.

I think this person mindset is really small, and doesn’t understand the concept of charity runners. I do believe there are not many (if any) charity runners back in Hungary. I do not know if races are letting runners join and raise money for charitable organisations?

I have some weird experience with fundraisers back at home. Few years ago I went to Tesco and been stopped , and this guy wanted to sell me some postcards to raise money for a children’s hospital. I wasn’t sure if he was genuine or not. So did not donate any money.

Maybe this could be the reason why this person does not understand the concept of Charity runners. I do pay my own race registration fee and the also raise money for the charities. Without signing up with them first I wouldn’t be able to register for the race. For some races I had to reach my fundraising target BEFORE the race, but for other I had 6-8 weeks after the race.

Maybe because there are no fundraising events back in Hungary, this person does not think that this is a genuine way of running.

Maybe never heard of Race for Life, Comic Relief, The Worl’s Biggest Coffee Morning, Moonwalk, Movember, Christmas Jumper Day, just to mention a few big ones. Thousand if not millions of pounds get raised year after year.

I do NOT agree with this person’s comment and mindset.


I feel really proud that I am able to help these organisations, and I also can afford it. Not many 29-year-old can do this many races in this time frame.

I do work extremely hard and  I am really sensible with my money. I do not spend it on silly stuff.

I feel really honoured that I can represent these organisations , wear their singlet, and raise awareness for their cause.

I do not believe being a Charity runner is anything less than being a normal time qualified runner. Have to say being a Charity runner maybe harder, I need to fundraise and train in the same time.

This person’s comment was really hurtful and unfair. Has no idea how hard I work to raise the monies and the work hard at work to be able to do and afford the travelling part.

If this person does not understand the charity concept, should have asked about it first.


From now on I won’t post anything onto this group , because I do feel I’m not welcomed being part of it 🙁

If anyone has any more questions about the charities, or how does this work please comment below or message me. I am really happy to answer any questions 🙂



2 Comments on “Who’s a Charity Runner? Why do I need to explain myself?!”

  1. Awww it’s a shame to know about that. You only do what you love -running and at the same time helping raise money to these charities. It is no joke training and raising for charities. I’ve done running for a charity too. And the expenses we spend since we finance everything for us to partake in these marathons. Just keep doing what you love and help these charities. Goodluck Gabi! 👍🏻

    • Yes I totally agree with you, its so much hard work to raise funds and train in the same time. But at the end it’s all worth it 🙂 And we / our friends support these great charities, without us they would struggle. my charity for London was so grateful for my fundraising, they invited me back for this year as well. Also you can meet with likeminded people in the charity, we all love running and fundraising 🙂

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