Prostate Cancer UK – 2018 Berlin

After getting a bag, fat ” No ” at this ballot as well, I knew my only option to be able to run the race is to go with a charity. After having a really good experience with my London charity I was really looking forward to pick a charity for Berlin. The official Berlin […]

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Berlin Marathon – Start list

Only 6 weeks to go till the Berlin Marathon. My training is well under way, and in August I’m upping my miles significantly. Today just had a 14 mile run, and on the 25th of August I’m having my longest run, 20 miles. A few weeks ago I was reading through the official website, and […]

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Improvements? Week 1 – Week 6

First of all I’d like to apologise that I didn’t write many training posts recently. I had a really busy few weeks, overtime at work, taking on an allotment and spending long hours there and then do my marathon training. I really didn’t have the time and energy to write posts. 🙁 I just finished […]

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