Tokyo Marathon ’19 – Charity – Quick update

Earlier today I came across a new press release from the organisers of the Tokyo Marathon.

It’s states that the Charity registration will begin on the 2nd of July 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 17.31.27

Last year it was sold out within 4 days. So hopefully this year will be the same, so I’ll have plenty of time to sign up. I will try my best to sign up on day 1, but will see. Spoke with a few people already about last year’s one, and been told they got notified if they were successful ( or not ) within 4 days after the application.

There will be 3,700 charity runners (down from 3,900 the year before) and 300 (an increase from 100 the prior year) active charity runners.

To get one of the 3,700 charity runner bibs, I must register before entries sell out after registrations open and submit a debit/credit card number, which will be likely charged a large amount.  The exact amount hasn’t been disclosed yet. But last year it was 100,000 yen ( £677 ) plus the race fee of 12,800 yen (£86).

After last year’s unsuccessful lottery entry, I’ve decided to go with the guaranteed charity spot for 2019. Saved up all the money for it, so I’m totally ready to hit the “Submit” button when registration opens.

I hope they won’t chance the fundraising target much, and the registration will be an easy process. Keep an eye on my website because I’ll write another post as soon as I’ve managed to register with the charity, and tell you more about the  ” How to ? ” part.

I also pre booked some hotels via early, so I managed to get a good price for them. but won’t share any details because I don’t want to jinx it.




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