Training summary w/c 28th January

28. January – 3rd February 2019 Another week gone, I really can’t believe how fast these days going. Week 7 of Ironman Bolton training. Week 14 of Tokyo / Boston / London marathon training. Monday: Monday’s are still rest days. I really can’t get myself into thinking to do any kind of workout. Eventually would […]

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Training summary w/c 14. January

14 – 20 January 2019. This was my week 5 of Ironman training and Week 12 of Tokyo / Boston marathon training. I can’t believe how fast the weeks going by. Monday: Rest day, favourite day of the week. Done nothing at all this day. Got my recommended 10 000 steps in by 10am at […]

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I bit the bullet ….

Back in September a friend of mine posted something on Facebook. It was an invitation for a Free month training with a triathlon club. Becky is totally awesome, she’s done the best of the best, the hardest race, an Ironman. She forwarded my details to the owner of the club , Dave. Well that’s how […]

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