20 days till Tokyo but …

In 3 weeks this time probably I already finished the Tokyo marathon.

Tokyo is 9 hours ahead of England. So when I’ll start the race on Sunday morning around 9.30am most of the UK will be still asleep or just going to sleep.

It’s now less than 2 weeks till we are flying out , but I’m just not excited. I just want this whole thing to be over.

Probably it doesn’t help that this week didn’t go as I planned.

One of our dog got ill on Monday and ended up at the vets. Bless his heart his penis is swollen and got some kind of infection. A week later he still poorly, and constantly drinking/weeing. So he may have some issues with his liver. We are going back to the vets tomorrow.

If he doesn’t get better I have no idea what to do. The kennels won’t take him in , because he’s ill. So I have no clue who’s going to look after him when we are away.

On Tuesday evening in my way home from run club my car broke down. Waiting 2hrs in the pissing rain, in total darkness is not fun.

I really didn’t thought nothing about it. Called a mobile mechanic out and after 10 mins of investigation, he noticed a bolt came undone by the cambelt. According to him that bolt never comes undone. Later on I googled and that bolt only can come undone if someone hasn’t tightened it well.

Contacted with the original mechanic but he’s refusing to take responsibility, even though he’s done work on the car in November.

So now here I am with a car with an engine failure. I have no funds to buy a new car at the moment. Luckily I don’t really need the car for work , I can take the trains luckily. But without it I can’t make any of my tri club sessions, plus if Po Po get’s really poorly I’ll need to rely on a taxi to get to the vets.

No I’m just waiting what else can go wrong ? Usually they come in threes, two down so one more to go.

I hardly done any training this week. I literally couldn’t be bothered. Went running 3 times and cycling once. But that’s hardly anything.

I felts so good about my whole training for Tokyo. I really gave my best and done more training than I ever done in my life. I’ve got much faster.

After finishing Chicago in October with and average pace of 8:30mins/km ( 5:58:24 ) I thought if I push myself I can maybe do a 7:50mins/km ( 5:30:00 finish ). Well that was my plan and I did train for it.

In my last few long runs – 20 mile plus – I managed to average between 7:25-7:35mins/km. So I’m supposed to be really happy about this. According to that I can really easily do a sub 5:30 finish in Tokyo.

But at the moment I really can’t think about anything else just how much my life sucks. I have a definitely dead car , and a possible dying dog, and I need to fly out in 13 days time. Ohh and I’m turning 30 next week. Anything else ?!


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