Social Run Group by Up & Running Basingstoke

A few weeks ago I’ve seen a post on facebook that the local sport shop – Up & Running Basingstoke –  starting a ” Social Run Group”. They plan to run the sessions on Wednesdays and the distance is an easy 5km. According to their leaflet ” all abilities ” are welcome and no one will be left behind.


When I seen it I was really sceptical ,because I’ve attended 2 training session with other companies earlier this year and I was left totally behind. Even when their advertisement said everybody was welcome to attend.


When I turned up on the 13th of September I was totally nervous. Most days I run alone, or with my sister, but never with others. I’m always scared that I’m too slow and just holding people back.

The meeting point was in the shop, which is about 5 mins walk from my house, so I can’t really have an excuse about not turning up.

When I got there a few runners were already in the shop and also the shop assistants. Everybody seemed nice, talkative and friendly.  I have to say I’m awful with names so I still don’t remember anyone’s name :/ But I spoke with a few lady runners and turned out 2 of them only just started running and never run in a group before.

Shortly after 5.30pm we left the store and walked towards to our starting point,  which was just opposite Domino’s pizza.

The run went really well, it was not my fastest but I totally enjoyed it. Have to say that the organisers kept their promise and they waited for everybody ! I was in the middle of the pack, and when the fast runners got far ahead they done a loop and went to the back of the pack. So no one was left behind. I felt really good about it, because I was totally worried that I gonna end up being last and lost.


Here’s an after photo :


Sine this I’ve done 2 more session, and all others were the same. Not once people were left behind. On our 3rd week we  went on a different route, which ended up a bit shorter than 5k, well according to my TomTom watch. But I didn’t really mind because I just want to enjoy these runs and get to know more and more people.



It’s really good to see new people turning up to these runs, and I love seeing all abilities. I know well I never going to be the fastest and the person who finishing first, but I do like attending these.

Also on the positive note, when a runner attends 5 runs he/she will get a lovely bright yellow ( high vis type ) running club t-shirt 🙂 2 more runs to go for me 🙂

They also told us that will have different kind of competitions, like running without a watch/phone and will need to guess our finish time etc.


I’m really looking forward to next run, which will be in 2 days time 🙂

If anybody wants to sign up for the runs, you can do it on this website and it’s totally free.



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