Why so negative?!

I was thinking about this in the last few days to write this post or not. but at the end this is my blog and I can write about negative stuff as well.

So I’m part of loads of Facebook groups, about running and recently joined a few triathlon and specially Ironman ones as well.  Most of these groups are in english, either based in England or at the USA. Only a few of them are based in Hungary, which is where I originally from before moved to the UK.

So back to the main question, why so negative?!

When I told others on the English Facebook groups that I’ve signed up for my first triathlon they were surprised, when I also told it’s not any kind of triathlon it’s gonna be an Ironman then they were even more surprised. But they were supportive. Got loads of newbie tips already, and added a few people as friends on Facebook as well. So we can keep ourselves motivated. Also have been added to a totally new group, it’s for ladies who attempting Ironman UK Bolton next year. Totally newbies in the Ironman world , with or without any prior triathlon experience.

As you can see it’s all supportive and motivational. I havent been called crazy or stupid. Maybe some people think that but I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of comments all of them being supportive.

But at the other hand, I’m part of 1 hungarian triathlon group. When I joined I thought it will be nice to introduce myself, and tell the others my story. Who am I  and why I’m trying to complete an Ironman race. As soon as I mentioned that I’m a total newbie , I haven’t got one supportive or positive word from them.

I’ve been called in all kind of  names, been told that I don’t respect the sport and that I am a joke. According to them only people who training for at least 4-5 years should attempt an Ironman, or any even worse any kind of triathlon. Me being only 9 months away from Ironman Bolton I am a total JOKE and not respecting them.  They said there’s literally no chance that I will complete the race.

I’ve tried to explain to them that I’m not trying to break any record or even be close to be 8 Hours, I just want to complete it. I’ll have 16 hrs 59 mins 59 seconds to complete it.

I am strongly belive that I CAN and I WILL do it. I do believe that 9 months training is more than enough to finish and Ironman race. I already have a begginer plan, which will start ont the 18th of december, and I’ll follow an awesome triathlete training plan, which is the ” Be Iron Fit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness ” written by Don and Melanie Fink.

Probably if I want to be close to 10 hours then I will need to train for years and year to achieve that.

I really don’t understand why my own kind of people are so narrow minded, compared to the rest of the triathlon / running community. Of course there are others who don’t believe in me but they not slating me off on Facebook.

But to be honest it doesn’t bother me at all. I’ll keep sharing my stuff , training, struggles and everything else. If I fail at Bolton next year I will know that I given my best and try my hardest. But please remember my lovely naysayers even pro athletes pull out from races for whatever reasons they have and they do train days and nights.

Also I’ve noticed the same negativity in a few hungarian running groups as well. Somehow back at home people don’t agree with the run/walk method and been told off that I’m not a proper runner because I have walk breaks. But just remember I doing my OWN race, and I don’t compare myself to others. I’m breaking my own PBs and not yours.

So watch this place – if you still want to – and see where I end up in July next year.



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