House moving, Ironman training and 2018

First of all Happy New Year all of you 🙂

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks. A month ago we successfully bought our house and moved into it. That’s the main reason I wasn’t blogging at all. We still don’t have the computer room set up, need to buy a computer desk, chair and storage cupboards so currently sitting on the ground but typing away haha.



My World Marathon Medals and frames hanging nicely in my new workout room. 

I really wanted to move to happen quickly because my Ironman Bolton Training was starting on the 18th of december so us moving on the 8th was a great timing.

As soon as we moved in I started to buy all of my cycling equipments. We didn’t have much space in the flat so I am really pleased with the space in the house.

I got myself a new road bike, so no more mountain biking. Also because the weather is not too good I decided to purchase a turbo trainer as well. So I can sweat inside but still getting the mileage in.


My new toys 🙂 All ready for the next 30 weeks training.

I absolutely loving my new bike. Its comfortable and fits well and the colours are bright.

Didn’t really have any idea what kind of “turbo trainer” to purchase , so after looking through different ones on the internet I decided its better to spend a bit more money on it and buy a “smart” one. It means I am able to connect it with my phone and comes with all different kind of sensors ( speed, cadence etc ). Luckily I found one on sale in my local Halfords store so it only cost me £120  because it was on sale. The bike was a fair few hundreds, but better not to mention the price. I’ll spend house on it so needed to be well fit and good bike.

Currently I’m in my week 4 of my training, have to say some days are harder than others. Finding really hard and boring to sit on the bike and cycle for hours. Currently the longest I was on it was 1hr 45mins. But after moving my set up to the living room I can watch Netflix on the tv so it’s not as bad anymore. But I can’t wait for the cycling outside part.

Signed up for the local swimming pool as well. It’s just much easier to get there straight after work or early mornings. Andover only has a temporary 4 lane swimming pool but its 25m long, so perfect length. Because I going swimming in non peak hours it’s never been busy yet. I think the most I’ve seen was 6 people and me.

Running around Andover is great, I loving the new scenery and the different running routes. We live not too far from the ponds, so usually when I have my brick sessions I run around the pond 2-3-4 times and that’s it.



I also treated my self with a new workout watch. I had no problems with my Tomtom Runner 3 at all, but the battery life wouldn’t have been long enough to last an Ironman. Always wanted to get a Garmin, so opted to buy the Fenix 5.  Loads of people recommended it, and the battery life will last much more than the 17hrs I’ll need it for.




My cycling is not the fastest yet, currently I’m around 20.5km/hr so will need to speed up. But I still have loads of months to get better. Currently I’m training my bum to just get use to the saddle for long hours. Also do believe cycling outside will be a bit better and faster.



Cycling on boxing day. Swapped my prosecco bottle to water bottle

I know well that I’m really far from where I wanna be, but I still have 26 weeks to get better. I promised my self that I’ll give my absolute best and that’s enough for me. There’s no point comparing myself to other faster people. Everyone is totally different, this is my journey and I’ll give my 150%.


1st week of 2018 DONE. 

From now on I’ll try to share my training a few times a week. Also will write-up some statistics so will be able to see how much did I improve from week 0 to week 30.


Guess what ?!

Thanks for reading 🙂



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