Week 11 – Berlin to Chicago training

I haven’t written a training summary for a long time. I’m sorry I’m getting really busy.

The runs are getting longer, and I’m getting a bit tired as well.

But have to say so far it all going well. When I started this training plan I really didn’t know what to expect, if it’s going to workout at the end or not.

But it does work.

When I’ve started on the 15th of may, my pace was averaging 9.03mins/ km and currently its on 7.30mins/km. On the shorter runs I can easily do 7.18-7.20mins/km as well. I’m just hoping that as the distance gets longer I’ll be able to stay close to the 7.30mins/kms.

I know it wont be easy, but I still have 7 weeks of hard training ahead of me, so I’ll do my absolute best to keep it up or to even get better.

My VO2 Max also improved a bit since may. I don’t know much about VO2 Max, but when I’ve started in may it was only 34, and now it standing on 41.

According to Garmin I went from Poor to Good 😀


I do feel fitter and not running out of breath as quickly as I used to.

The one thing I’m failing is that’s my diet. I’m trying to eat as healthy as I can but that’s still not good enough.

That’s all for now, will try to give you a training update as frequently as I can.



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