Race day – Chicago Marathon

It’s really important to carbload before a race, so on saturday we decided to have pizza. One of our host suggested that there’s an awesome pizza place near by and we should try it. They make “Detroit” style pizza , which means it’s a square one.  It is a rectangular pizza that has a thick crisp crust and toppings such as pepperoni and mushrooms. What makes Detroit-style pizza different from Chicago and New York styles is the crust, which is extra thick and very crispy on the bottom.

I tried to go to bed as early as possible, and I think I managed to fall asleep just after 9pm.


Good night all

On race morning we got picked up by Joe, one of Shelly’s friend and we got driven to our charity hotel. I still can’t believe how friendly and helpful the people are here.

This morning was rainy , again, I’m not even surprised now. Team Paws had a massive room booked for us at the Congress Hotel. I felt so lucky to be there. It was heavily raining outside and was pretty cold. We were indoors, which was warm, and also had unlimited food and drink.

I was booked in to start from the Last Wave and Last Coral. But I really didn’t mind this. I knew I’ll be slow so there’s no point starting from the front, well even if I wanted I couldn’t do it haha.


I really didn’t know what to expect from this race. I really wanted to do well, but after the disappointment in Berlin, I really wasn’t sure I can run a sub 6hr race here. I know it’s sounds really silly, but I felt so much pressure on me. During my training I said to everyone that I’m training for a sub 6hr race, then I failed in Berlin. That really took my motivation back, and I really wasn’t even sure that I should start this race. Who wants another failed race? Another disappointment.

But this race cost so much for me, for us, so there was no option quitting.

On race morning I decided to try out a new pacing strategy. Yeah you shouldn’t really do that, but hey ho.

I put my pace tattoo onto my arm and was hoping for the best for the race.


Can I keep up with the 5:45 pacer?

After running a 6:22 in Berlin I knew that I won’t be able to keep up with the 5.45 pace, but I really wanted to see that how long I’ll be able to go with them.

I started to race really well. To my total surprise I was able to keep up with the 5:45 pacer, I wasn’t struggling and even was able to talk with a few other runners.

Before the race I agreed with Luke that we meet up at certain points during the race. So I had something to look forward. Our first meeting point was around the mile 8 mark.

According to the tracker in the first 5k I managed to average a 12.44mins/mile, completed the 5k in 39:35 minutes, it’s much slower than my normal 5k pace but I thought I’ll stick with it. Maybe I always start too fast and run out of energy for the later part of the race.

As I was getting further and further in the race I realised I’m totally loving this. I loved the cold and rainy weather, and the crowd support was totally awesome. Much much better than Berlin.

I knew that 26.2 miles is a long way around and knew that I’ll need to use the loos at some point. I went before we left the hotel, but that was back at 7am. Just when we got to mile 7 I looked around and seen many loos with absolutely no queue. I’ve decided to jump in. It’s really rare to have no queue.

But because of me stopping I’ve lost sight of the 5:45 pacer group. So I’ve spent the next mile chasing them up. But luckily I’ve done that.

I’ve met with hubby at mile 8. Bless him he was waiting for me for a long time, and i only said hi, gave him a kiss and got a bottle of Gatorade. I said to him I’m trying to keep up with the pacer so I have no time to talk. Agreed to meet up again just after half way.

When I was approaching Mile 8 I remembered to check out my virtual cheer cards. I still can’t believe how may of you left me a message. Thank you very much all 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 13.36.14Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 13.36.21Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 13.36.24

I’ve reached the 10k mark, in 1:19:28, which meant I was averaging a 12:51 mins/miles.

Usually this early in I always feel great, full smiles, not pain, no worry at all. It wasn’t any different  in Chicago. It really did felt like I was flying around the course.

I was supposed to see hubby at the half way mark, but when I approached it he wasn’t there. At first I thought I missed him, so sent him a quick message on Facebook asking if he was there. Well it turns out he wasn’t . He was still on the trains. To be honest I did feel a bit disappointed, because I was so looking forward to see him. It’s always gives me so much motivation. It felt like I was back in London, in 2017 I was supposed to meet with him and Sue just after the 14 mile mark by Shadwell and they didn’t make it.

I knew that I can’t stress about it, so tried to keep my calm and concentrated in the second half of the race.

My half way point check mark was at 2:53:08.

Split Time Of Day Time Diff min/mile miles/h
05K 09:35:13AM 00:39:35 39:35 12:44 4.71
10K 10:15:06AM 01:19:28 39:54 12:51 4.67
15K 10:57:09AM 02:01:30 42:03 13:32 4.44
20K 11:38:47AM 02:43:09 41:39 13:25 4.48
HALF 11:48:47AM 02:53:08 10:00 14:40 4.09

As you can see in the  table above that I started to lose some speed by the time I’ve  got to the half way point. but have to say my pace was still really constant. compared to my other 3 marathons.

Just when we crossed the half way marker the paces I was following just stopped, put his flag on the ground and started to walk. This one really surprised me. I knew if that have a bad race the pace they do is not guaranteed, but because this was my first time ever following one I was surprised.

Luckily hubby took screenshots from the tracking app and it said that my estimated finish time is 05:46:11. So this is the reason the paces put the flag down. He realised it was over the target time, so he couldn’t pace anymore.

But if you check out the screenshots below, you can see that we started out way too fast, I think. After the 8k mark our estimated finish was 5:34:14, then at 10k it was 5:35:12, 15k was 5:41:46. So as you can see the first 10 k was almost 10 mins faster than the paced target time. Maybe he burnt out too quickly and that’s why he couldn’t keep it up.

To be honest it didn’t bother me that he put the flag down. I knew well at the beginning that I wont be a 5:45 finisher. that would have been a miracle. After that moment I knew that my race is on. I’m out there all alone, no one to follow, I really had to make sure that I pace myself well for the last 13.1 miles.

By this point I had 13 mins to spare , just to finish under the 6hr cut off. It meant that I cannot stop for any toilet breaks, cannot walk like a turtle. I knew that if I need to walk I need to speed walk. But the end was still really far away.

When I seen some famous sights, I still stopped to take a photo, took pictures of cute puppies as well. I mean it was supposed to be fun. I had to take photos.


United Centre – home of Chicago Blackhawks


Another Blackhawks building.

As the miles went on I’ve decided to stop by every single water stops. I didn’t feel thirsty but I felt like I need to drink , even if it’s only a small amount. So my strategy was to have a cup of Gatorade, then a few sips of water. Just to get rid of the sugary taste then pour the left over water on my head, just to keep myself cool. It wasn’t a hot day but somehow it felt like it was still cooling my down.


I had to stop to have a photo with the cutest dog ever 🙂

I started to get closer to that magic / horrible 30k mark. In Berlin that was the point when I lost the race , I totally lost it mentally. That was the point when I decided to walk the rest of the race….

When I reached the 30k mark in Chicago, to my surprise nothing happened.  okey, to be honest something did. If you look at my average pace below, you can see that it was 14:12mins/miles. Which was 29 seconds waster than my 25k one.

25K 12:24:22PM 03:28:43 35:35 14:41 4.09
30K 01:08:28PM 04:12:50 44:07 14:12 4.23

OMG. What the heck happened? Me getting faster  in the second part of the race? OMG. I thought it has to be a mistake. I never been faster in the second half of any race! but after a quick text to my hubby, he sent me my predicted finish time, and I indeed go faster with my paces.

Yes i did get slower, compared to my predicted finish at half way around, but I still had just over 4 mins to spare.

I really wasn’t sure that running the remaining 12kms in the same pace is possible, or even slower but without loosing a massive amount of time.

But at this point i just kep thinking about that I can do this, I will do this because this is my race. I really tried not checking out my phone notifications, but it just kept buzzing. I got so many messages and comments about how well I’m running. Some of you even said I still have x amount of spare minutes, so I’ll be okey. Sue kept texting me, and kept saying that i’m doing really well, just keep going etc.


Can you spot me?


20 mile marker

Just before mile 21 I noticed a massive dog statue by the side of the road. It was a PAWS statue.

I had to ask a spectator to take a photo of me, I couldn’t just run passed without a photo.

IMG_1023 2

Almost at mile 21

When I last spoke with Luke he said Shelly, our host will wait for me around mile 22-23. So I tried to look out for her. When I’ve seen her it made me so happy.


With Shelly.

After seeing her I think I’ve seen Luke at one more time briefly at mile 24. Then it was home time. Time to do the last few miles.

I have absolutely no idea what happed, but I haven’t hit the wall during this race. I just kept going, and kept reminding myself that I am totally capable to do this. I’ve trained for this many months, and I can do this.


When I crossed the 35 and 40k timeing mat I’ve got a message from hubby saying that I’m still on track. not just simply on track, but I’ve got faster ! My average pace was at 13:57 and 14:01mins/miles. So compared that to my 30k one which was 14:12 I’ve indeed got faster. I didn’t turn to be a cheetah but I did get faster.

35K 01:51:46PM 04:56:08 43:19 13:57 4.31
40K 02:35:20PM 05:39:41 43:34 14:01 4.28

Till today I have absolutely zero idea why and what happened. I always feel tired, knackered and slow by the end of the marathons. But this day was different. Maybe because it was raining in the morning? Or because I stayed in a hotel till almost start time? I have zero clue. But I did not hit that wall.

As you can see from above my predicted finish was 05:58:19 when I passed the 40km mark. I had 1mins 41 seconds to space. Can I run just over 2 km without loosing any time? Usually I can, but this time we talking about the last 2km of a marathon. Anything can happen.

There was a really nice long stretch before we turned on to the last few hundred yards of the race.

This last 2 km was a happy and ecstatic run. it felt like I can do this, nothing can stop me at all. Whilst others were walking – nothing wrong with walking  – I ran pass them. I felt like I was at a beginning of a race when I still have loads of energy and it’s time to sprint.

Just before I turned into the Roosevelt Road, I’ve heard hubby shouting. I knew I cannot stop now, so just gave him a wave and a smile.

When I got on the top of Roosevelt road I had a look on my watch and I still had just over 2 mins to spare. So I stopped and took a photo of the finish line.


Seeing this finish line meant a lot to me. Seeing this finish line with 2 mins to spare meant the world to me. This last few metres was a happy run, I made it. I’ve done it. I had a plan and I’ve executed it perfectly. No hiccups, no hitting the wall at 30k. Nothing at all. This was the PERFECT race.

I crossed the finish line at:


I’m a sub 6hr finisher!!!!!!!!


Sub 6 hour smile :))))))


Post race goodie bag

I knew that I had this in me, I’ve trained for it. But every time I’ve tried I mentally failed. On this day in Chicago I was stronger than my brain, I decided that I won’t give up. No matter how hard it’s going to be.


Lovely banner at Work 🙂

The hard work just starting now. Now I know that I’m totally capable to run a sub 6 race, I need to keep this performance up. Tokyo has a really strict 7hrs ( gun time) cut off, and also Boston usually turns the clock off at 6hrs. So I’ll need to repeat this performance 2 more times. But I’m really positive about this.

Everyone who supported me, donated the charity, cheered me on, texted me on race day and after the race = THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Without you all I don’t think I’d been able to finish this well. THANK YOU.

I also wan’t to say thank you to my coach, Denise. She believed me fro day one, and the plan she wrote me worked really well. Whith her help I’ve shaved off 34 mins from my marathon time.

Now let’s finish this post with some cute medal photos with our pups and hedgie:


Po – Po & Gizmo




Before the race many people said that this race is really flat. Well they didn’t lie. Look at that elevation map:

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 15.07.14

Just a bit of a Garmin statistics at the end:

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 15.08.04

Official finish times:

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 15.10.04

I’m really proud of my pace, specially for the ones in the second half.

4 down 2 to go 


London, New York, Berlin, Chicago


London April 2017 06:57:31
New York November 2017 06:32:14
Berlin September 2018 06:22:52
Chicago October 2018 05:58:24


I also made a video about my race day, you can watch it here:




Chicago Marathon Expo & International 5k run

The marathon expo opened up on the Friday. Luckily we landed in Chicago on Thursday so I was definitely be able to get to the expo first thing. If I can, I go to the expos when they open. They not as busy then, and also there’s a bigger chance to buy all the merchandise I want.

But before the expo, I met up with my Coach, Denise, at 6am and we went for a casual 5k donut run. She organised this run through the Chicago Marathon Facebook group, and there were a few of her runners as well.  It wasn’t many of us, probably because it was heavily raining. But I loved every minute of it. It was good to meet up with like-minded people and get to know others. Have to say the pace was way too fast for me, and I couldn’t keep up all the way round, but they did wait for me by the donut shop 😀


Heavy rain at 6am


Look at those donuts. Yumm Yumm Yumm


Stan’s Donuts. Best in Chicago

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 15.58.58

Nope, we wasn’t drunk! This is what happens when you run between tall buildings. 

So after getting soaking wet and really cold, we decided to go back to our house. Change clothes, dry up and get ready to the expo.

Because our hotel got cancelled back in september, a lovely Team Paws member  offered us her spare bedroom. So we’ve stayed with her and her husband. Our nearest train stop was on the red line, Argyle stop. Her house was only a 10 mins walk from it, so perfect location.

The expo was held at the McCormick Place, we didn’t have a direct train there but the journey was still really simple.  I think we got there just after it opened at 9am. It wasn’t crazy busy, I managed to pick up the free Marathon poster, then we went through security and checked in.


Ready to walk in


OMG. I’ll need to frame this

First we decided to go and pick up our  5k race bib because there was a bit of queue there, then off we went to pick up my marathon pack. No one were queueing in the marathon bib pick up table, so I got mine in minute. Really well organised, have to say.

IMG_0846 2

5k bib pick up

After collecting all the important material, we’ve started the fun part. It was time to do some shopping. I love expo shopping. We’ve  decided to walk through and check out all isles. then also had to go to the Paws table to pick up the supporters cheering pack.

Collected as many freebies as we could, then went to the Nike stall to buy the Event jacket. After buying one in the previous Majors, I couldn’t say no to that.

IMG_0877 2

New Nike Event jacket, with my new glasses

Whilst we were walking around we’ve seen a stand ( Biofreeze ) which was offering to get the Event t-shirt personalised. Well it had a massive queue, but I had to have it done. I’m only planning to run this race once, so had to have the full package. Took us about 20 mins to queue but it’s awesome. more races should do this. So easy, permanent and looks great.

By this time it was around 11.11.30am and started to get really busy. So it was time to go. I really don’t like busy places, people keep pushing each other and fighting for merchandise. It’s not for me.

IMG_0862 2

Expo goodiebag 🙂

IMG_0869 2

With the 5k and Marathon bib 🙂


06. October. 2018 – Saturday 

I was so excited about this day. It was time to run the International 5k run. When we woke up it was raining, again, what a surprise lol . I was so excited, because it was hubby’s first ever proper race. He did run the Breakfast run in Berlin, but there was no bib for that or medal. So it wasn’t a proper race. He felt so nervous in the morning, and as soon as we got to the start he said he’s really worried.  He didn’t do a single minute training for it, according to him anybody can run a 5k. Well well we will see haha


My outfit for the race

I’m not too sure how many runners were at the start, but it did look really busy for a 5k race. The start got delayed because of the heavy rain.

IMG_0917 2

Look at his face. Hahaha

After a few hundred yards, he told me to go and leave him behind because he’s struggling and he doesn’t want me ruin my race. I said to him it’s not a race for me, just a casual run before the BIG race on Sunday. So I sticked with him. He did try to run as much as he could, but then we started walking. After that it was a fully run-walk-run race. It did look like he liked that better.

We managed to get around in about 44 mins, which is great for him. This was hist first proper race and he did finish it 🙂 I’m so proud of him. Now just need to tell him that Tokyo and Boston do a 5k run as well. Hahah



He was a bit red, but I’m so proud of him


Luke’s first ever race certificate

IMG_0940 2

With my new medal

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 15.30.34

Nope, we still wasn’t drunk here. 

I highly recommend this race to everyone who’s running the Marathon in the coming years. It’s a flat course and it was so much fun running it.

It’s only $35 and you can sign up for it here:



Travelling to Chicago

OMG I can’t believe that the race was over 2 weeks ago.

Because our flight was leaving London really early morning, we decided to stay in a hotel by the airport.

We woke up nice and early on the 4th of october and were on our way to the Airport. the shuttle bus turned up on time and we were the only people on it.

Because we got to the airport at 5am, we managed to get through security in no time. Then the waiting begin, our flight was booked to leave at 8.25am. So it was a long wait.

Luckily the time passed quickly and we were sitting on the plane ready to go.

I was so excited to fly, this was my longest flight to date and I had no idea what to expect.

We were flying with American Airlines, and they were perfect. Seats comfortable, food / drinks tasty and free, good inflight entertainment.

I don’t think I slept on the plane at all.


At Heathrow, ready to check in.


English breakfast on the plane. Did taste good 🙂


Somewhere across the Ocean.

When we got  to O’hare airport we had to go through customs, which was a bit of a lengthy process but got through 🙂 The only asked us one question, Why did we came to Chicago? As soon as I said to run the marathon , the gentleman wished me luck and we were on our way.

We had to make our way to Terminal 2, because that’s where the train station is, and also this was the place where we had to pick up our pre ordered 7 day Ventra travel Card. It wasn’t expensive at all, cost us 33 dollars/ person and it’s valid for 7 days, on all CTA trains and busses 🙂 Totally worth the price.


Special edition Ventra travel card

Have to say that the whole public transportation is really easy in Chicago. We used Google transit to plan all our journeys, and everything was spot on. I really can’t fault the transportation there.  Really well sign posted everything, and all staff were really nice and helpful.

Ooh and it turns our if someone doesn’t buy their tickets in advance then the conductor charges them 5 dollar more! Sounds like a great idea.

In my next and probably much longer post I’ll write about the Expo and the international 5k run, which was on Saturday.




Chicago Marathon – How can you track me?

OMG the Chicago Marathon is almost here ! In a week time I’ll be there and I can’t wait.

If you’d like to follow me around the course I made a little step by step guide about how to follow me.

1. Download the official app:



2. Click on Tracking & Results

3. Search for my name “ Gabriella Waller “

4. Click on the to add me to your favourites

5. On race day you’ll be able to follow me around the course.


I’ll start my race at :
8.35am ( Chicago tome )

14.35pm ( UK time )

15.35pm ( Hungarian time )

Any questions or issues about tracking just ask



Chicago Marathon – It’s Race week – Quick recap of events

OMG I can’t believe that the week is finally here. I also can’t believe that I’ve run Berlin just 2 weeks ago, and in 6 days time I’ll be at the start line of the Chicago Marathon.

This past 2 weeks went really well. I think I’ve recovered after Berlin really easily and quickly. It helped that I took my roller with me and after the race I rolled my legs out, even though it was painful but it definitely worked 🙂

This post will be just a quick recap of this weeks events, and also will write a separate post about how can you track me on race day.

I have 2 more running sessions before we fly out on Thursday morning. Nothing fast or crazy, just nice and easy runs.

Our Flight leaves from London Heathrow, but we staying up there on Wednesday morning, mainly because we couldn’t make it up there on the day with trains, and I also don’t want to leave my car in the car park there.

We flying on Thursday with American Airlines / British Airways, they code share so I have no idea what will be painted on the side of the plane. But I have a guess it will be AA.

We only can check out to our flights on Wednesday morning, but I’ve called AA and booked our seats. So no rush with checking in.

We leaving Heathrow at 8.40am and getting to Chicago at 11.25am. When we land we have to go back to the main terminal to collect our pre ordered Ventra cards. This will enable us to use public transportation. Because our hotel got cancelled, we staying with a friend of mine. It’s so nice of them to offer a bed for us 🙂

I won’t write down our plans step by step, because it still can change. So whenever we are back I’ll definitely write a post about our adventures.

On Friday we will need to visit the expo, to collect my bib and goodiebags. Also this will be the day when I’ll be able to pick up the goodies from the charity. Cant wait 🙂

On Saturday we’ll start our day early. Luke and I are off to run the International 5k run. It’s similar to the one we’ve run in Berlin. But here at the end we are getting a medal and a hat as a present.

And of course sunday will be the Main event, Race day 🙂

Literally cannot wait for it. Can’t believe I’m running my 4th marathon, and its in Chicago.

As I said I’ll write a proper post about our day-to-day activities after the race.

Later on this week I also post about the tracking information, so if you plan to track me please keen an eye on the website, I’ll upload the information soon.




It’s Race day!

It’s time to summarise my Race day experience, if you’d like to read my Travel journey (click here ) or of you want to hear about our Breakfast run ( click here) then please click onto the links.

OMG the day is finally here. I’ve train for this for so long, and so much. I gave everything I had in my training.

After realising there’s no kettle in the hotel room I had to have pastry with yoghurt for breakfast. We left our hotel around 7.15am, because I really wanted to be part of the group charity photo. We agreed to meet up by Starbucks at 8am.

When we got on the train it was full with runners. I felt so happy. I can’t describe it. All the training I’ve put in the last few months, and today is race day. I knew it well that it will be over so soon. So tried to enjoy every minute of it.


After the photo I’ve said goodbye to my husband and went to my start zone, I was starting from Zone H. At this point I still had about 1.5 hours before the start.

Luckily at registration I’ve chosen to have a poncho, so didn’t need to queue up for the bag drop off. If I would do the race again I’d pick the poncho again, it saves so much time. No need to queue at all, just straight to the starting zone.

When I got to my start zone, it was still early, roughly about 8.30am, so not many people around. Had a quick loo break, and didn’t have to queue at all for it.

As the different waves started we cheered all of them. Then slowly the clock turned to 10.05am and it was our turn to start. Heard the countdown then heard the starting gun. It was time to do it, time to run. All the mixed emotions I had before were all gone by this point. I just felt happy, I felt free, glad to be there.


My first meeting point with my husband was at the 6km mark, which happened to be just in front of our hotel. I literally had no idea about this when I’ve booked the hotel. We just seen the blue line being painted on Saturday evening. Wow. Great hotel.


I felt really good about the first part of the race. Jeffing worked as well, and also seen other run-walk-runners.

My half point split was 02.52.27

It’s still about 6-8mins slower than my training runs and my best half marathon time. But even with this I was well on time to beat my target time. The first few miles were really crowded and had to take over many runners. So I assume I’ve lost some time there.

But I was still cheerful and happy. Seen Luke just after the half way mark and that gave me a massive boost.


After seeing him there, our next meeting point was at the 35km mark.

I was still going strong for a few miles, and hydrated really well, even ate some apples too from the tables.


By the time I’ve got the 35km mark I’ve lost the race mentally. My first 5k time was 39mins, the 5k between the 30-35km mark was 47 minutes. I did not get tired physically it was unfortunately more like a mental weakness.  All my training runs were done by myself, so I really thought that it will help me during the race. But it did not. I was running thousands of others but I’ve felt totally alone. I felt alone, and I’ve struggled with my thoughts. I even started to question myself, why am I doing this? Other people go to the beach to have fun, not to run 26.2miles. At some point I even thought I’m not even worth to be there and I should really cancel my Chicago/Tokyo/Boston entry. At this point I’ve decided just to walk the rest of the race. I did not care if the sweeper bus picks me up and get a DNF next to my name.

Because of this mental weakness my predicted finish time went passed my dream finish of 6hrs.  When I’ve seen that I really did not want to continue. I know its sounds so childish, but that’s what I’ve trained for. I wanted to be under 6hr. I wanted to be better than myself. But I failed miserably.

sportograf-137822506 I felt like a total failure , I’ve trained for something but could not deliver it.

Luke even got my a Nutella pancake at the 35km mark, hoping it will cheer me up . But it did not work unfortunately. I don’t think anything could have cheered me up.

Then I’ve seen Meagan speed walking past me. She’s the founding member of the Berlin marathon Facebook group. I only chatted with her online, but this was the first time seeing her. She was struggling was her walk was faster than my attempted run. I though this is a sign, I have to keep up with her. I can walk, cant I?

So I’ve walked the last 7.192km with her. OMG. I had a look at my splits and those km walked were faster than my running pace in the last few km. We walked , chatted, walked, smiled to the camera guys. I felt great again, I felt alive. I felt like I could go again for hours and hours.

Then I’ve realised why I’ve lost my race, I’ve lost it because I was out there alone. I literally had no one to talk to for 30km, no one to share my struggles, or even my happiness when I was running great splits. Yes, I’ve seen hubby a few timed during the race, but it’s not the same. He couldn’t run with me.

We’ve crossed the finish line together with Meagan. I’ll be forever grateful for her. To pick me up at km 35 and fast walk with me to the finish line. She kept me going, even when I thought I can’t go any longer. Thank you so so much !!!

We’ve crossed that magic finish line in 06:22:52.

To my surprise I even PBd! This time is a whole 10 mins faster than my time in New York in last November. I can’t believe it. What would have happened if I wont lose it mentally at km35?


As you can see I’m back at my happy self at the finish 🙂 Like nothing has happened. But I knew that I’m struggled a lot, and I need to sort this out by the time I get to Chicago. I know im strong physically just need to get my mental game on.


So I’ve got a PB even though I had the worst race of my life. I have 2 weeks to sort myself out, and get out there and get a better performance in Chicago. I CAN do it and I WILL do it.




Berlin Marathon Expo & Saturday activities

After arriving Berlin and checking into our hotel ( you can read all of that here ) we went back to Berlin Central station to make our way to the Expo.

I’m part of a few Berlin Marathon training groups on Facebook, and during our train journey I’ve read many horror stories about the Expo. Mainly how disorganised was. Massive queues everywhere, hour-long wait for packet pick up ect.

At Expo was located at the old Tempelhof Airport.

At first I had no idea what to expect from it. How can they hold an expo in an airport? Well the Germans done it, I think it was really well organised.

We’ve arrived around 17.40 and there was no queue at all! The expo was closing at 19.00 on the Friday so we had just less than an hour and half to get around.


When we got into the building it was sectioned by hangar by hangar. At first I had to separate from Luke, because they had to give me my special marathon bracelet. I needed this to be able to go into the packet pick up area, and also it’s needed for the race on Sunday.


As you can see in the above photo there are not many people queuing for packet pick up. Also have to say Germans are really efficient, they didn’t have the bib numbers pre printed, instead they only printed the ones they needed. So when I got there I gave the volunteer my Start card + Passport, she found me in the system and then she printed out my bib number. So there’s no wastage at all. I remember seeing hundreds or even thousands of uncollected bibs at the London expo last year.

After packet pick up we went to collect my pre ordered merchandise. I pre ordered my finishing t-shirt and event jacket. Because many people said they sell out pretty fast. For this we had to go out of the hangars, and they had a table there. Had to show my collected bib to the volunteer and she grabbed my T-shirt and Event jacket.

I think both of them looks and feels really nice. They are a bit tight, but mainly because I have bigger boobs. Which is really strange because they are Adidas, the same make as my London merchandise, and those items are fitting perfectly. Never mind 🙂



Adidas Event Jacket


Adidas Event Jacket

After this we walked around a bit more, but then eventually we left. Didn’t buy anything else.


In the below photo you can see what was in the goodie bag. Did you see the yellow sponge?! Hahahah



Saturday – Breakfast Run

We/ve started our Saturday really early. I was so excited about the 6k breakfast run that I couldn’t really sleep overnight.

We’ve left our hotel around 8am, to get to the start by 9.30am.

Public transport was spot on again.

The start point was at the Shloss Charlottenburg, it’s a Palace. By the time we got there they already had the party started. Music on, balloons in the air and loads of happy runners all over the place.

The run was roughly 6km, but I’ve stopped my watch just after the 5k mark. Because at that point we were queuing to get into the Olympics stadium. So I did not want to record the walking parts. It worth every single minutes of running to finish at the Olympics stadium. It’s awesome. It’s massive. It’s beautiful. OMG. And this run was totally free to attend, what an experience.


At the end of the run we managed to grab a bit of a breakfast. It wasn’t a cooked one, but still tasted good, and don’t forget it was all free.


After the run we’ve decided to go to the Brandenburg gate. I’ve really wanted to take a photo of the Hall of Fame. This wall had all registered runners name on it, New York done the same last year. It took us about 10 mins to find my name, but we did it 🙂


After that we’ve done a bit more sightseeing, and had our normal pasta dinner. Then went to bed early, all ready for the big day ahead.


But more about that in my next post.









Our travels to Berlin

A few months ago I’ve already posted our journey details here and here as well.

To be honest I wa really nervous about this travel. Mainly because I knew that we need to get to Berlin on Friday because I really wanted tp pick up my race bib on the Friday. I’ve hears horror stories about marathon expos on Saturdays. Didn’t want to risk it.

We decided to spend Thursday night up in London, because our Eurostar train was leaving at 6.13am. There’s no train services from Andover or even from Basingstoke that early in the morning to get us up there by 5am. So we stayed a lovely cosy hotel , 10 mins from St Pancras International.

Because I love being nice and early we walked to the station about 4.50am 😀 Hardly anyone in the queue and not many people in the terminal either.


Had to wait to be able to board a train, but we were on the train about 5.45am. The train did leave bang on time, so I was really pleased with it.


After a few hours of travelling we have arrived to Brussels. It’s a massive station, but so nice and clean.

While we were still on the Eurostar I’ve decided to download an app called DB Navigator. If you ever go to Germany and will use the trains you’ll need this app. It tells you exactly what platform your train will be, and to my total surprise the train formations as well. So everyone who booked a seat, like us, will know where to stand on the platform.

This train had some issues during our journey, so unfortunately it developed a bit of a delay. But the conductor announced it many times that we don’t need to worry because in Koln they will hold our connecting train. So we will all make our train to Berlin. Wow.


Also on the platforms they had massive interactive boards, telling customers about train formations and where to stand on the platform.


We did have a really nice and comfortable journey on the ICE trains. Can’t fault them at all. All conductors/guards/train managers knew about our FIP Coupons, and wished us a relaxing journey. All trains we took made announcement in multiple languages ( French, Dutch, German, English.


Catering facilities were spot on as well.


We’ve seen a few double-decker trains as well. Couldn’t resist taking a photo of them 😀


Because we reserved our seats on the DB trains, we had nothing to worry about when we got on the trains.


We were supposed to arrive to Berlin at 17.07 but at the end we got there at 17.10. So not a massive delay at all. Even though the Brussels – Koln train was late, but because the held our Koln – Berlin train our delay for the whole day was only 3mins at the end. So I don’t think that too bad for a journey like this.


The above photo shows you the front of the main train station in Berlin, Berlin HBF. It’s a massive station with many trains.

When we arrived we decided to go and check into our hotel first, then go to the expo. Luckily I’ve changed our hotel reservation, and this new one was only 10 mins walk from the station. Lovely clean hotel, massive rooms, and friendly staff. The only disadvantage that they did not have any tea making facilities 🙁 So the porridges I’ve taken with my self was a waste, I couldn’t eat them before the race. But other than that everything was spot on.


In my next post I’ll write about the Expo and our Saturday, then finally I’ll write about my race.






Berlin Marathon Tracking – How to track me?

Since yesterday they tracking  app is finally available. I really thought that won’t release it till like a day before the race. Chicago already released theirs, and that race is still 4 weeks away. But never mind.

A few weeks ago I’ve received my Start Card. I’ll need to take this with me to be able to collect my race pack at the Expo.


How can you track me on race day?

At the moment there is no website where you can track me. It means you’ll need to download either the iOS or the Android app.

You can follow my progress during the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. Just follow the steps below:

1. If you haven't already then please download the official BMW BERLIN-MARATHON app from the Store:

Google Play:

2. Then click on the link below to add me to your favorites and follow me on my way to the finish line during the event.

The above link doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ve tried to use it on 4 different devices but every time I’m getting an error message. So I’ll share a step by step guide below.

  •  You’ll still need to download the official marathon app. Use the Appstore / Google play link to download it.
  •  Open the app.
  1. Click on the ” Visitor” button
  2. Click on ” More “
  3. Click on ” #berlin42″
  4. Click on ” Tracking”
  5. Click on ” Search athletes “
  6. Search for ” Gabriella Waller ” or ” 69100 “
  7. Click on ” Track Gabriella Waller”




That’s all 🙂 After this you’ll be able to follow me on the map, and see my timings as well.

Beacuse I’m starting from Block H, it means that my start time will be:

  • 03.05am (Chicago time)
  • 04.05am (New York, USA time)
  • 09.05am (UK time)
  • 10.05am ( German, Hungarian time)
  • 17.35pm ( Australian Central Standard time)

I can’t wait for Friday morning, that’s when we’ll start our travels to Berlin. During our stay I’ll try to share as much things as I can. But after the race I’ll definitely write a day by day weekend report.





Mi is az a World Marathon Majors? Hogyan lehet jelentkezni?

Miert is futkoraszok a vilag minden reszen? Mi is konkretan a World Marathon Majors? Csak profi elit futok vehetnek reszt rajta? Vagy lelkes amator futok is? Draga? Hogyan tudok jelentkezni a versenyekre? Mi jar azoknak akik teljesitettek a kihivast?

Ezek a leggyakoribbi kerdesek amiket kerdeztek tolem. Igy ugy gondolom itt az ideje irni errol egy bejegyzest magyarul is. Angolul mar irtam rola par honapja, azt el tudjatok olvasni itt.

Eloszor is boncsanat , de nincsenek ekezeteim, az iMac-hez csak angol billentyuzetem van :/ De remelem igy is ertheto lesz minden.

1, Szoval kezdjuk egybol a legvegevel, ez a gyonyoru medal jar minden teljesitonek. Plusz a neve fel kerul az Abbot Hall of Fame-re ( Abbot Hiressegek Csarnoka ). Per pillanat olyan 3500 ember teljeseitette a kihivast, de viszont ebben csak 4 magyar van.


Hat nem gyonyoru?

2, Mi is az a World Marathon Majors? World Marathon Majors nem más, mint a hat legrangosabb, legismertebb, legnagyobb maraton versenyek sorozata. A versenyek Tokióban, Bostonban, Londonban, Berlinben, Chicagóban és New Yorkban zajlanak.

3, Van-e ido korlat a versenyek teljesitesere? Per pillanat nincsen, a lenyeg az hogy legyen az embernek “Hivatalos”  beerkezesi ideje ( Official Finish Time). Ez minden versenynel mas, pl Boston szigoruan 6 ora. De az viszont nem szamit hogy hany ev alatt sikerul lefutni mind a 6 versenyt. Az egyik angol nyelvu Facebook oldalon irta az egyik futo hogy o 2006-ban futotta le a londoni maratont, de mikor teljesitette iden a 6. versenyt Bostonban, akkor ugyan ugy megkapta a specialis medalt mint aki lefutja mind a 6 versenyt 12 honap alatt.

Tavaly mikor lefutottam a londoni maratont akkor lattam par celba erot ilyen szep medállal.
Nem is nagyon tudtam mi lehet ez. Pár héttel később viszont sikerült kideríteni. Ekkor elhataroztam, hogy en ezt meg fogom csinalni, meg akarom csinalni. Semmi sem lehetetlen. En magamnak 3 evet adtam, hogy teljesitsem a kivihast. Evente 2 verseny, megfelelonek tunt.

London – New York = 2017

Berlin – Chicago = 2018

Tokyo – Boston = 2019


Ha esetleg nem ismesz, akkor rolam annyit kell tudni, hogy 2011 ota Angliaban elek. 3 eve kezdtem el futni. 2.5 eve a helyi vasutnal dolgozok, reszmunkaidoben, reggel 6-10kozott, hetfotol pentekig. Szoval szerencsesnek mondhatom magam, mivel van rengeteg idom edzeni, felkeszulni, munkahely is tamogat, igy ha kell szabadsagot kivennem akkor megoldhato minden problema nelkul. A fizetes sem rossz, igy megengedhetem magamnak az evi 2 utazast.

4, Kik vehetnek reszt a versenyeken? Profik vagy amatorok is? Mindenki akinek sikerul regisztralnia. Profik es amatorok egyarant.

5, Draga? Ha azt mondanam, hogy nem akkor hazudnek. Szoval igen draga, meg akkor is ha az olcsobb modon sikerul valakinek bejutnia a versenyekre. De a regisztraciorol majd kesobb.

6, Hogyan is tudok a versenyekre jelentkezni? Minden versenyre kulonfele modon lehet jelentkezni. De altalaban van a “sorsolas utjan” , “jotekonysagi szolgalat altal” , “hivatalos utazasi iroda altal” , ” ido kvalifikacio utjan” stb. A lenyeg az hogy mindig olvassuk el a hivatalos weboldalt. Sok utazasi iroda hirdeti hogy tudnak indulasi jogot szerezni, de nincsenek is rajta a hivatalos listan. Tavaly egy Europai ceg eladott 10-15 futonak Tokyo / Boston indulasi jogot, es verseny elott derult ki, hogy nem hivatalos ceg es a penzt elnyeltek. Szoval mindig el kell olvasni a hivatalos maratoni oldalt es onnan valasztani cegeket.

Kicsit lejjebb belinkelem a hivatalos oldalokat, de annyit mar most elore meg irok hogy egyik maratonra nincsen magyar utazasi iroda regisztralva!

Tokyo Marathon 



Datum: Marcius elso Vasarnapja

Regisztracios dij:

Sorsolas altal : 12 800 yen  , kb 32 000 Ft ( Japanon kivul lako embereknek )

A sorsolasra valo regisztracio altalaban Augusztusban van, es az ertesitesi email pedig altalaban Szeptember kozepen tortenik meg.

 Jotekonysagi szolgalat altal: 100 000 yen , kb 250 000 Ft plusz a normal regisztracios dij ami 12 800 yen  , kb 32 000 Ft

Ez iden Julius 2-an nyilt meg, es az elso 5000 regisztralo aki kitoltotte az kerdoivet es befizette a Jotekonysagi szolgalatnak a dijat kapott automatikus felvetelt a maratonra. Ez nem olcso igaz, de garantalt a bejutas.

Utazasi iroda altal: En 2 angol cegrol tudok akik hivatalos partnerei a maratonnak. Az egyik a 2:09 Events a masik pedig a Sport Tours International. Ezek a cegek komplett csomagot arulnak ( hotel, repulo jegy, es verseny regisztracio), igy elegge dragak.

Run as One ( ido kvalifikacio altal) : 300 hely van erre, azok jelentkezhetnek akik megtudnak futni egy bizonyos idot es van hivatalos papirjuk ami ezt igazolja, nem minden maratont fogadnak el. Szerencsere a Budapesti Spar maraton rajta van a listan.

Ferfiak: 2:21:01 〜 2:45:00

Nok: 2:52:01 〜 3:30:00

London Marathon 




Datum: Altalaban Aprilis 3. Vasarnapja

Regisztracios dij:

Sorsolas altal: £39 , kb 14 000 Ft ( Angol cimmel rendelkezokenk )

£80, kb 28 800 Ft ( kulfoldi jelentkezokek )

A jelentkezes atalaban majusban tortenik, es 5 nap van ra hogy interneten kitoltsuk a kerdoivet. Az ertesites pedig majd csak Oktoberben tortenik meg.

Jotekonysagi szolgalat altal: Itt minden ceg mas mas osszeget kerhet, akikkel en futottam ok kertek £1350-et, de lattam jo parat akik £2000 felett voltak. Itt a hivatalos lista a hivatalosan regisztralt jotekonysagi cegekrol. 

Good for Age ( ido kvalifikacio ) altal: Erre csak angol cimmel rendelkezo futok jelentkezhetnek. 6000 hely van erre, 3000 ferfi es 3000 noi futonak. Tovabbi informacio errol itt.

Utazasi iroda altal: Mivel ez a verseny Angliaban van igy egyik angol utazasi iroda sem arulhat erre indulasi jogot. Itt a hivatalos lista a cegekrol , Magyar ceg NINCSEN rajta!!

Berlin Marathon 



Datum: Altalaban Szeptember 3. Vasarnapja

Regisztracios dij:

Sorsolas altal: €125 , kb 40 500 Ft

A jelentkezesi ido altalaban oktober kozepetol kezdodik egeszen november kozepeig. Az  ertesitesi emailek pedig november vege fele szoktak megkerkezni.

Jotekonysagi szolgalat altal: Erre van egy garantalt lehetoseg ( RTL Donation Marathon (“RTL-Spendenmarathon”) for children in need ) , az elso 1000 regisztralt futo reszt tud venni a versenyen €190-ert, kb 61 500 Ft.

Plusz van a normal jotekonysagi szervezet altali bejutas, itt minden ceg akkora osszeget ker amekkorat szeretne. A hivatalos cegek listaja itt talalhato.

Fast runners ( ido kvalifikacio ) : €125 , kb 40 500 Ft


18 – 44 ev kozott:  2ora 45 perc alatt

45 – 59 ev kozott: 2 ora 55 perc alatt

60 ev felett: 3 ora 25 perc alatt


18 – 44 ev kozott:  3 ora alatt

45 – 59 ev kozott: 3 ora 20 perc alatt

60 ev felett: 4 ora 10 perc alatt

Utazasi iroda altal:   Itt a hivatalos lista a cegekrol , Magyar ceg NINCSEN rajta!!

Chicago Marathon 



Datum: Altalaban Oktober 1. Vasarnapja

Regisztracios dij:

Sorsolas altal:

Amerikai lakosoknak ( 50 allam lakosai, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico vagy mas U.S. teruletek ) : $195 , kb 54 800 Ft

Minden mas lakosnak : $220 , kb 61 800 Ft

Tavaly a jelentkezesi ido intervallum Oktober vege es November vege kozott volt, az emailt pedig December kozepen kuldtek ki.

Time Qualifier ( ido kvalifikacio altal) : 300 hely volt erre.

Fel maraton Maraton
Ferfi 1:11:00 alatt 2:31:00 alatt
No 1:21:00 alatt 3:01:00 alatt
Ferfiak ( 40+) 1:13:00 alatt 2:41:00 alatt
Nok ( 40+) 1:25:00 alatt 3:13:00 alatt

Legacy Finishers: azok jelentkezhetnek igy akik mar lefutottak minimum 5 Chicago Maratont az utobbi 10 evben.

Jotekonysagi szolgalat altal: $1000 ha meg a sorsolas elott jelentkezunk , ha viszont mar csak a sorsolas utan jelentkezunk a jotekonysagi szolgalathoz akkor mar $1500.  Hivatalos partnerek listaja itt talalhato meg.

Utazasi iroda altal:   Itt a hivatalos lista a cegekrol , Magyar ceg NINCSEN rajta!!

New York Marathon



Datum: Altalaban November 1. Vasarnapja

Regisztracios dij:

Sorsolas altal:

Amerikai lakosoknak ( 50 allam lakosai, plusz District of Columbia lakosai):

  • NYRR tagoknak : $255, kb 71 700 Ft
  • Nem NYRR tagoknak: $295, kb 83 000 Ft

Nem Amerikai lakosoknak: $358 , kb 100 700 Ft

A jelentkezesi ido intervallum Januar kozepe es Februar kozepe kozott volt, az emailt pedig Februar vegen kuldtek ki.

Van jo par garantalt bejutasi lehetoseg is:

  • Jelentkezok a  9+1 or 9+$1K Program altal
  • Futok akik lefutottak minimum 15 New York City Marathon

Time qualifiers ( ido kvalifikacio altal ) : itt az egesz lista idore es nemre lebontva

Jotekonysagi szolgalat altal: a hivatalos cegek listaja megtalalhato itten , es minden ceg mas es mas osszeget kerhet.

Utazasi iroda altal:   Itt a hivatalos lista a cegekrol , Magyar ceg NINCSEN rajta!!

Boston Marathon



Datum: Mindig a Hazafiak Napjan ( Patriots Day )

Regisztracios dij:

Ez az egyetlen verseny a 6-bol ahova nem lehet sorsolas altal bejutni.

Time qualification ( ido kvalifikacio ) :

Amerikai lakosoknak $185, kb 52 000 Ft

Minden mas lakosnak $250 , kb 70 300 Ft

Ido kvalifikacio altal sem egyszeru bejutni a versenyre, hiaba futja meg valaki az eloirt idot, sokszor az alatta kell futni. Mivel olyan sokan jelentkeznek, hogy tenyleg csak a leggyorsabb futok kerulnek be.

Korosztaly Ferfiak Nok
18-34 3hrs 05min 00sec 3hrs 35min 00sec
35-39 3hrs 10min 00sec 3hrs 40min 00sec
40-44 3hrs 15min 00sec 3hrs 45min 00sec
45-49 3hrs 25min 00sec 3hrs 55min 00sec
50-54 3hrs 30min 00sec 4hrs 00min 00sec
55-59 3hrs 40min 00sec 4hrs 10min 00sec
60-64 3hrs 55min 00sec 4hrs 25min 00sec
65-69 4hrs 10min 00sec 4hrs 40min 00sec
70-74 4hrs 25min 00sec 4hrs 55min 00sec
75-79 4hrs 40min 00sec 5hrs 10min 00sec
80 and over 4hrs 55min 00sec 5hrs 25min 00sec

Itt nagyon jol es reszletesen le van irva ez a jeletnekzesi mod, igaz csak angolul.

Jotekonysagi szolgalat altal: Mivel ez egy nagyon nepszeru verseny es nagyon nehez bejutni, igy a jotekonysagi cegek kernek egy minumum $5000-t, de a tobbseg joval $10 000 felett van!  A hivatalos lista a cegekrol itt talalhato meg.

Utazasi iroda altal:   Csatoltam kepet a hivatalos cegekrol, Magyar ceg NINCSEN rajta!! Kattints a kepekre a jobb minoseg miatt.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 20.20.28Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 20.18.28Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 20.18.36

7, Hogyan is kerultem en be a kulonbozo versenyekre?
 A 2017-es londoni maratonra sajnos nem sorsoltak ki , így úgy döntöttem hogy akkor megyek egy jótékonysági cég által ( MACS UK ) . Nekük be fizettem a pénz összeget (£1300) és már ott is álltam a rajtnál 2017 áprilisában.
 A 2017 novemberi New yorki maratonra pedig egy utazási iroda ( 2:09 Events ) csomagját vettem meg (£1200) . Mivel le késtem a lottó sorsolásról.
 Már a felkészülés javában zajlik az idei szeptemberi Berlini maratonra. Ide sem sorsoltak ki. Így maradt a jótékonysági szervezet ( Prostate Cancer UK, £500 ) és a nekik fel ajánlott pénzem .
 Október első hetében pedig már a chicagói rajt vonalon fogok állni. Ha minden jól megy. Ide sem sikerült bekerulnöm sorsolás álltál. Így egy újabb jótékonysági szervezet ( Paws Chicago,  $1000 ) álltal fogok rajthoz állni.
 Julius 2-an megnyitotta a weboldalat a Tokyo-i maraton jotekonysagi reszlege. Helyi ido szerint 10 oratol lehetett feliratkozni, ez viszont hajnali 2 orat jelentett Angliai ido szerint. 1.30kor mar a szamitogep elott ultem, es izgatottan vartam. Nem ment az egesz zokkeno mentesen, mivel csak 3.40korul sikerult vegig csinalnom a regisztraciot. A jotekonysagi szervezetnek be kellett fizetnem 100 000 yent plusz a verseny regisztracios dijat 12 800 yen ( Run with Heart ) . Igy garantalt az indulasom. Varhattam volna a sorsolasra, de ott kb 7-8% az esely hogy kisorsolnak. En pedig a biztosra akartam menni.
 A legnehezebben a Bostoni maratonra lehet bekerülni. Mivel én nem vagyok egy gyors futó és nem hiszem hogy valaha 3:35 alatt fogok maratont futni így esélyem sincsen a BQ-ra. De viszont pár honapja az egyik angol utazási iroda ( 2:09 Events ) megnyitotta a jelentkezést és sikerült megszereznem az egyik helyüket a 30ból. A 30 hely elfogyott 5 perc alatt, nekem sikerult kevesebb mint 1 perc alatt regisztralni. Az egesz csomag 2 fo reszere ( 1 futo + 1 szurkolo ) £4500-ba kerult.

Szoval amint latjatok nem egyszeru bejutni a versenyekre, es nem is olcso. Ha valakinek sikerult bejutni az osszes versenyre sorsolas / ido kvalifikacio altal akkor is meg jon a repulojegy / hotel dija, plusz kolto penz stb.

De viszont nekem ez mind megeri. Jovore sikerul ezt mind vegig csinalnom es akkor utana johetnek az uj kihivasok. Ami a 2018-as Juliusi Angol Ironman Triatlon verseny lesz . Amint latjatok soha nem csinalok semmit egyszeruen, vagy konnyen. Egyszer elunk, nem lehet unalmasan elni.

Ha esetleg valakinek lenne kerdese ezekrol a versenyekrol akkor irjon nyugodtan, szivessen segitek vagy adok tanacsot barkinek.

Remelem latni fogok jo par magyar nevet a Hall of Fame-n az elkovetekzo evekben.

Sok puszi,