I got into TOKYO which also means I’m getting my 6star medal in Boston 2019!!

OMG. I’ve done it, signed up for the Tokyo Marathon 


It wasn’t easy, the whole system was really slow, kept freezing and wasn’t straight forward, but I done it. But let’s go back to the beginning.

Since last year unsuccessful lottery drawing, I managed to save up the charity + entry fee. I really wanted to go with the guaranteed place, didn’t want to risk it with the lottery.

I think it was about a week ago when Tokyo announced more details about the marathon. It has been confirmed that the day is the 3rd of March 2019. They have confirmed that the charity registration opens on the 2nd of July 2018 at 10am local time ( 2am UK time ). Also their website stated that they only accepting Credit cards – Visa , MasterCard or American Express. I was really surprised by this because not everyone owns a Credit card.

Number of charity runner positions are available : 5,000 , first-come-first-served basis


On Saturday I went into my local Loyd’s Branch to advise them about the international payment. I really didn’t want to get blocked out of my account, because I knew every minute can count.

Also I’ve found a really good race review by Emma , https://lattesandrunways.com/tokyo-marathon-race-review-2018/ She mentioned it that they had to enter their passport number during the registration! Then I’ve spent the next 1hour trying to find my passport…. But at the end I found it.

I’ve set my alarm for 1.30am on the 2nd of July. I’m not going to lie it was really hard to wake up.

The website I had to register was this one. Luckily it went online bang on at 2am.

I really thought I’m in luck with it. Well I was really wrong. Not too sure why but their registration process is way too complicated.

Multiple steps all the way through, and the website kept crashing, crashing and crashing.

So the first step was to pick whichever charity we’d wanted to run for and fill out some personal details. This was the easy part.

The charity I've chosen is : Pace Winds Japan -     Development of protection and transfer activities to save dogs' lives, as well as training for disaster relief and therapy dogs. 

As most of you know I love animals, specially dogs. I’m already raising money for a Chicago charity, and they help out and shelter homeless dogs and cats. So it was a really easy choice for me to pick this charity.

After filling out the form, I’ve received an email asking me to log in and pay the donation for the charity. Without paying the fee ( 100 000 yen) I won’t be able to buy my race entry fee ( 12 800 yen). So it means I had to pay the money in advance, and if I would have wanted raise money from friends and family, their money would have reimburse me. Whilst in London you have a fundraising page for months, and you get people to pay in there for you. Tokyo wants the money first, so it was totally confusing .

When it asked me about the donation fee the website only offered to choose from : Credit card – Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Absolutely no option for a Debit card. It made me really worried but I thought I’ll give it a go. Turns out it did work, and they do accept DEBIT cards as well.

To do this step I had multiple challenges. Website kept crashing, my bank card got blocked. Even though I advised Lloyd’s about the charge. So to do this step I think I was refreshing the page for about 40 minutes, whilst on the phone to Lloyd’s, to get my bank account unlocked….

Finally when I was able to pay the 100 000 yen , I’ve received another email confirming this, and advising me that if I want to run the race log back onto the site and sign up as a charity runner.

So back to the website again. By this time I could not even refresh, I’ve got a 502 Bad Gateway error straight away.


What the …… ??????


By this point I really wanted to cry. How hard can it be to spend money? Ooohh it’s not easy, Tokyo made me work for it lol.

When I finally managed to log back on, I had to fill out more forms. More personal details ( full name, address, emergency contact, birthday, nationality, t-shirt size ). After all of this and reading through hundreds of different terms and conditions, I got to the payment part again. I told Llod’s that I need to make another payment so do not block my account again. Well luckily this time they did listen. My race registration fee ( 12 800 yen ) went through without any issues.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 03.22.50

YAAAAAAYYYYY I’m registered. What a relief. It was just passed 3.40am, so it wasn’t quick at all. 

I have to say this was the most complicated and hardest registration I ever done. If you compare it with my 1 minute Boston ITP registration, this was terrible.

Today I’ve already requested my holidays from work ( Tokyo and Boston ), it’s on a first come first get basis. So I think I should be okay haha.

We going to Tokyo on the 23rd of February, land in Tokyo and then take a bullet train to Osaka. Could fly to Osaka straight away, but c’mon I’m a railway person, need to sit on the bullet train haha. I know roughly what will we do, but I save that for another post. Hotels are also booked via booking.com, now just need to buy our airfare. Will write another post about those as well.

So Tokyo will be my 5th Major, which only can mean 1 thing. I will be a 6 star finisher in Boston 2019. That’s the most iconic race in the world and I feel privileged to run there and get my special medal.

Last year after London I had no idea about Abbot and the WMM races, and fast forward 1 year I’m now planning to finish it. Wow.

What else can beat this? What can I do after I completed the series? Well to be honest I already have my Ironman booked in for July 2019, so I’m free after that.  Suggestions are welcome 🙂



Improvements? Week 1 – Week 6

First of all I’d like to apologise that I didn’t write many training posts recently. I had a really busy few weeks, overtime at work, taking on an allotment and spending long hours there and then do my marathon training. I really didn’t have the time and energy to write posts. 🙁

I just finished my Week 6 marathon training. As you know with this plan I’m training for the Berlin marathon and then 3 weeks later I’ll be at the Chicago marathon as well.

In one of my first training post I already wrote about my Coach, if you haven’t read that, then you can click Here to read it.

When I started the training plan on the 15th of May I really didn’t know what to expect, and how I’ll get along with a totally different training approach. Previously I just followed simple plans off from Google.

But my current plan includes loads of different parts:

  • 2 x Easy runs ( Monday & Thursday )
  • 2x Cross training ( Tuesday & Sunday )
  • 1x Track training ( Wednesday )
  • 1x Long run ( Saturday )
  • 1x Rest day ( Sunday )

At first it looked way too much, but eventually I’ve got used to it. I’m not gonna lie I still get loads of muscle ache, but it disappears much quicker.

I knew from the beginning that I’ll need to trust the plan, it wont be easy but if I want to reach my goal I really need to put in all the work I can. My goal is the get finally under 6hrs , my current PB is from New York 2017 and its 6hrs 32mins. So my plan is to shave off 33minutes.

Current PB  Target PB
 Finish time    6hrs 32mins  5hrs 59mins
 Pace  9.18mins/km 8.31mins/km

It’s going to be hard, but I will give my absolute best.

I’m following a 18 week training plan for Berlin and then 3 weeks shorter but steady runs for Chicago.

When I had my first training run I felt totally knackered. I haven’t done much running since New york in November, do to different kind of injuries and also lost my mojo.

But speaking with Denise gave me loads of confidence, and even though the training plan looks extra hard and lot I have to believe in it.

So my Week 1 Run 1 was hard, it was only a short 5 miler, but for some reason I just didn’t feel it. Struggled all the way around, and my average pace turned out to be 9.03mins/km, which would have taken me to a 6hrs 21mins marathon finish time. But I knew that I didn’t feel fit enough and I do want to get better.

I really had to put on my big girl pants and do the training, even when I just wanted to come home from work and lay in bed, when it was raining and also when it was 9pm.

Slowly realised that I need to do my trainings as early as I can, otherwise there’s a chance I won’t do it, I’ll get lazy. So my schedule is to get home from work around 11am, have some light food and drink, watch an episode of NCIS or whatever is on tv and be out of the house at 12pm. At least if I do it like this I still going to have loads of hours left on the day to whatever I want to do after it. Also on Saturdays I’ve learnt to set me alarm to really early, 4.30-5.00am and be out of the door as soon as I can. I’m home from my long runs by 8ish at the moment, bath, breakfast and still have the full day to do stuff with hubby, go to the allotment or just chill out. I’m not going to lie, it’s really hard to wake up in the weekends, when I could just sleep.

As the week passed I slowly started to see improvements. At first I didn’t run out of breath, then my pace started to pick up, and then finally I’m getting to keep the pace for longer periods of times. I can keep my pace on shorter runs at around 7.30mins/km, and on my longer runs, which is 12miles at the moment, my pace is around the 7.36mins/km mark. Have to say it’s really promising. Because with that pace my half marathon pace is around 2hrs 40mins. I’d be totally happy with that in a race. My last half marathon was completed in just over 3hrs.

So in 6 weeks, my pace changed a lot, and I’m able to keep it up for a longer distance. Beforehand I went out too fast and by the end of the races my pace slowed down to the 9mins/km mark. In this 6 weeks I’ve learnt that I need to start with a slower pace but need to be steady with it, so usually starting with a 7.30-7.35mins/km, but according to my garmin I’ve completed a few of my 4-5mile training runs with an average pace of 7.18-7.20mins/km.

Also some of the kms are turning into a 6.xx mins/km, and I’m totally happy about that. I can’t even remember when was the last time I ran that fast.

Below you can see a comparison of my Week 1 Run 1 VS. Week 6 Run 4 

( Click on the photos to see them in better quality ) 

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 08.21.05

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 08.21.23

As I said I still have a few 8mins/km but they nowhere near as slow as when I started.

I’m really positive that with the rest of the training I’ll be able to keep this pace up for an ever longer distance, if I don’t get anymore faster I really don’t mind, because this is already as massive improvement. I can’t even imagine getting faster and getting an even better marathon PB.

My aim is till to get under the 6hrs mark, but if its going to be 1 second below or more I’ll be happy for both results. If I’d be able to keep up this 7.36mins/km for the whole 42kms than that would mean I’d finish the race in 5hrs 20mins. But I won’t get carried away, I put my head down, keep my big girl pants on, do my training, eat healthier and see what I’ll be able to do in the flat Berlin course and then if I’d be able to repeat that in Chicago.

I still have a really long and hard 12 weeks ahead of me, so need to keep focused and train, train and train.

I’ll try to do as many post about my training as I can, but if I’m not able to do it, then I’ll de a comparison in every few weeks.

Also just a short update about my fundraising, I almost collected the whole $1000 for Chicago, I think I’ll be done with it by July. Then finally I can start to fundraise for Berlin. If you’d like to donate click here for Chicago and here for Berlin 🙂



I’m going to BOSTON 2019 !!!!!!

The last few days were totally incredible.

On Tuesday I’ve received an email from 2:09 Events that they will release their Boston packages on Wednesday around 12pm. I had a rough idea how much will it be, but was really worried that we didn’t save up enough money for it.

The email stated that they had 300+ people on their interest list, but they only have 30 spots. OMG. I need to be fast and lucky to get in.

Luckily from last year I still had their proper website link, so I was really hoping that they will use the same one this year, just with updated details.

I checked out all the pages and I realised it was the proper one. New hotel and flight details on it, just couldn’t press the ” Pay ” button.

On Wednesday I rushed home from work, I’m so glad I only work part-time and finishing at 10am.

Sat down in front of the computer at 11am and was patiently waited.

Pre filled the application from, and was really hoping that they’ll use that when the registration opens. I had it pre filled in my Mac , on the iPad and on my iPhone. I really didn’t want to risk it not pressing the button fast enough.

Also realised something else, when they sent out the emails, they using an app called Mailchimp. I’ve used the same when I had my own cupcake business. With MailChimp you can check out all previously sent newsletters and it pops up when they send out a new one as well. So when I’ve seen the email subject ” Boston Marathon Tour Now Open ” then I knew its all open. I’ve seen it there quicker than in my GMAIL account.

Quickly checked the link, and it was the same as the one I’ve filled out earlier. Checked the prices and it only went up by £75 so it wasn’t too bad. Then pressed the ” PAY” button.

According to GMAIL 2:09 events sent the registration open email at 11:58.11 and I’ve got their confirmation about my registration at 11:58.14. I felt great about it, and I really didn’t think I could have done it any faster.

About 20minutes later received an email from 2:09 Events that ” The response to the Boston details going live has been unpresidented and we sold out in the first 3 mins with over 80 booking applications received in the first 10mins.”

WOW. That was incredibly fast. previously their website stated that last year they sold out in 2 hours. So you can clearly see that loads of people want to get into the race.

Also this email stated that they will be in contact with everyone by end of business , and let them know if they were successful or not. The suspense was killing me.

I’ve got my confirmation email with the invoice at 17.09. I never been happier to get my bank card charged haha. Well Boston here I come. 


Hopefully I’ll be able to get a charity spot for Tokyo, then I’ll collect my 6star medal in Boston.


Now lets talk about the prices and hotels and flight details.

Because it’s a package deal I had to take all of it, couldn’t do the same as I’ve done for NY ( flight + entry ), it was the full package ( flight, hotel, entry ).

 4-NT PACKAGE  £1999  £2799
 EXTRA NIGHTS  £180  £360

Additional items:


So as you can see it’s not a cheap option. But I don’t think I’ll be able to BQ and run a 3:35 marathon. I’m currently training just to break the 6hrs mark.

The total tour cost us £4498 ( 1 runner + 1 supporter ).

But as I said to others, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t gamble. I do run haha. Also if I set my mind to something I can save up for everything. Since last year Hubby and I saved up for this. So it’s not as hard as some people think. We havent’ taken up any loans or credit cards. So it’s paid from purely our money. If you think about doing it next year I’d suggest to start saving up for it, you’ll have a whole 12 months to do it. Good luck 🙂

Hotel – Boston Omni Parker House Hotel

OMG, I would have never stayed in this hotel. It’s way out of our price range. But it comes with the tour so will enjoy every minute of it.

It’s a 4 star hotel, and according to booking.com the price for it at Boston weekend is £1800 for 2 people.

Also just seen on Google, that this hotel is supposed to be Haunted!! Does anyone know if its true or not?? http://historyofmassachusetts.org/omni-parker-house-haunted/

Flights – Virgin Atlantic and Delta code share

According to Skyscanner the prices for marathon weekend is already at least £1450 for 2 people.

Depart from London Heathrow on Virgin flight VS11 departing from London Heathrow at 15.25 and arriving in Boston at 17.55local time.


Boston Logan Airport for the return flight on Delta flight DL58 departing at 19.26. Arrive at London Heathrow at 07.05.


I’ll try to book out seats as soon as we get the details from 2:09 Events, but I’m not in a mad rush now.

If anyone has any more question about the tour package, please comment below and I’m happy to help.




ECG screening by C-R-Y

A few months ago I came across  a website, which offers free ECG screening for young people.

C-R-Y offers subsidised ECG and Echocardiogram screening to all young people between the ages of 14 & 35.

I had loads and loads of ECG done when I was playing handball back in Hungary, we had to have “sport tests” done every year, otherwise I would have lost my player’s licence.

I think my last screening was around 2010. Since I moved to England I didn’t really needed it, and also it’s expensive to get it done privately.

I’ve signed up my self and my husband for the 9th of June, the appointment was in Tooting, London in the St George Hospital.

Our appointment was at 11.50am but we turned up well in time, around 11am.

After about waiting 10 minutes my husband was called in, and then myself. My nurse was Teresa and she was really lovely. First she took my weight and height. Then had to undress at the top and lay on a bed. She was constantly talking so I didn’t feel as uncomfortable.


The whole process took about 10 minutes, then I dressed up and was told to wait outside and the doctor will call me in and explain me my results.

I’ve probably waited 5 minutes and been called in by the doctor. He was a youngish guy but was professional. he first asked me if I have any concern and why I wanted to have an ECG done. I’ve explained to him that I’m running 2 marathons within 3 weeks ( Berlin and then chicago ) so I just wanted to make sure I’m totally healthy and there’s no issues with my heart.

Luckily he said everything is perfectly fine, and all my graphs look totally normal 🙂 He wished me good luck for my races and the said goodbye.

I highly recommend having this free screening done if you are in the age bracket. It’s better to prevent health issues.

If you have any question, just comment below and I’ll answer.




Week 4 – Berlin to Chicago training

This week was a total write off. Still didn’t feel good at all, and had to take all my pills :/

I really thought I’ll be better by now but not. Hopefully I can continue my training in week 5.




Tokyo Marathon ’19 – Charity – Quick update

Earlier today I came across a new press release from the organisers of the Tokyo Marathon.

It’s states that the Charity registration will begin on the 2nd of July 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 17.31.27

Last year it was sold out within 4 days. So hopefully this year will be the same, so I’ll have plenty of time to sign up. I will try my best to sign up on day 1, but will see. Spoke with a few people already about last year’s one, and been told they got notified if they were successful ( or not ) within 4 days after the application.

There will be 3,700 charity runners (down from 3,900 the year before) and 300 (an increase from 100 the prior year) active charity runners.

To get one of the 3,700 charity runner bibs, I must register before entries sell out after registrations open and submit a debit/credit card number, which will be likely charged a large amount.  The exact amount hasn’t been disclosed yet. But last year it was 100,000 yen ( £677 ) plus the race fee of 12,800 yen (£86).

After last year’s unsuccessful lottery entry, I’ve decided to go with the guaranteed charity spot for 2019. Saved up all the money for it, so I’m totally ready to hit the “Submit” button when registration opens.

I hope they won’t chance the fundraising target much, and the registration will be an easy process. Keep an eye on my website because I’ll write another post as soon as I’ve managed to register with the charity, and tell you more about the  ” How to ? ” part.

I also pre booked some hotels via booking.com early, so I managed to get a good price for them. but won’t share any details because I don’t want to jinx it.




Week 3 – Berlin to Chicago training

After feeling great with my Week 1 and Week 2 training , this week turned out to be a disaster.

So what was the plan for this week?

Monday – 28.05.2018 – 5 miles easy run

Tuesday – 29.05.2018 – Cross training

Wednesday – 30.05.2018 – Track training

Thursday – 31.05.2018 – 4 miles easy run

Friday – 01.06.2018 – Rest

Saturday – 02.06.2018 – 6 miles long run

Sunday – 03.06.2018 – Cross training or Rest

28.05.2018 – Monday 

5 miles easy run

Today was a Bank holiday, which meant I didn’t need to go to work. Yayy. But decided to wake up early and do my run first thing in the morning, so I won’t get too busy and ran out of time.

During my run I’ve only met with 2 people,I assume the rest of the town was still fast asleep at 6.30am.

Even thou it was early morning I felt good about my run. I’ve managed to keep a constant pace all the way around.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 17.09.11

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 17.09.19Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 17.09.42

29.05.2018 – 03.06.2018

The rest of the week spent ill. On monday night I started to feel really bad, first shivering and a really weird chest pain. Spent all night feeling cold and then feeling boiling hot. In the morning checked my temperature and it turned out to be 37.9 celcius, so I really didn’t feel well. By Wednesday evening I’ve developed a nasty cough. I’ve decided not to train at all, because one I didn’t feel good at all, and also didn’t want my symptoms to get any worse, or end up in the hospital.

I hoping I’ll be better soon and can continue my training with Week 4.



Week 2 – Berlin to Chicago training

After feeling really positive about my Week 1 training, I was really looking forward to Week 2. I know if I put all the training in, I’ll be able to reach my goals and maybe even more.

All this week I’ve tried to go for my runs around mid day – 1pm. I knew if I go any later, then there’s a chance I won’t go at all. Also I’ve decided to do all my long runs early mornings, so on saturday I went out at 6.30am.

So what was the plan for this week?

Monday – 21.05.2018 – 5 miles easy run

Tuesday – 22.05.2018 – Cross training

Wednesday – 23.05.2018 – Track training

Thursday – 24.05.2018 – 4 miles easy run

Friday – 25.05.2018 – Rest

Saturday – 26.05.2018 – 8 miles long run

Sunday – 27.05.2018 – Cross training or Rest

I knew at the beginning of the week that I will need to swap over my thursday – friday sessions. I had a doctor’s appointment with my plantar fasciitis. Got an X-ray appointment, so will see what they say next week. Hopefully nothing bad.

I still don’t really plan my exact running routes, so a few times this week I managed to get lost. But have to say still really enjoying the sessions.

Also just realised that my Garmin Fenix 5 is a really smart watch. I’ve added all my future training in the calendar, so on the day I just need to press Run – and it comes up with the correct traninig session. I don’t even need to check my watch during, i still do , just to make sure my pace is not too off.

21.05.2018 – Monday 

5 miles easy run

I’ve tried to run the same 5 mile route as I’ve done it a week ago. Not too sure why, but I felt good really good about it. probably because I had a great long run in the past saturday, or probably because I realised that my run/walk/run plan is the way forward.

Because last week I was circling around the pond a few times at the end, today I’ve decided to go for a slightly different way. Which meant I’ve ended up in a business park, and then next to a busy main road. went through stingy nettles, and other different plants, but other than this the run was enjoyable.

Probably went out a bit too fast, because the first km was 7.10mins, but managed to keep all of them well under 8 mins. So was pleased with it. Some of them was a bit longer, whilst others shorter, but this is totally due to waiting by traffic lights and zebra crossings.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 19.35.27

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 19.37.18Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 19.37.24

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 19.37.33Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 19.37.43

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 19.42.25

22.05.2018 – Tuesday

Cross training

I’ve decided they west way to cross train is to sit on my turbo and cycle for an hour.  I was already half way watching Spiderman Homecoming, so the second half went more quickly. I’m getting better with this cycling malarkey as well. I’m felling pretty confident that I won’t have many issues with my Ironman next year. It was a hard but good decision the defer from this year to next.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 19.45.11

23.05.2018 – Wednesday

Track training

If it Wednesday it only could mean one thing: Track training. To be honest I still find these the hardest. Because in my normal session I can easily ‘ jeff ‘ when I do track sessions I can’t do it all. I can easily ‘ jeff ‘ the warm up and cool down part, but not the important ‘ speed ‘ session part. otherwise it wouldn’t work. So today I had to do the below:

2 mile easy warm up

2x 1/2mile (800m)  repeats ( 2 mins recovery between )

1 mile easy cool down

As I said earlier we don’t have any proper tracks in Andover, I mean I haven’t found any. So I started my warm up with a good pace, 7.17mins/ km and 7.23mins/km. To me it’s a really good speed. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up for longer and longer distances.

I was a bit worried about the ‘ speed ‘ part, I didn’t really believe in myself that I’m capable to run 1/2 miles fast without stopping. but I just kept thinking about the end game, I can do anything for Half a mile, will have a 2mins break after, can sit in a cool bath after, it will all worth it at the end, the pain is temporary. So I really pushed myself in these speedy parts.

The first Half a mile (800m )  was going on and on and on, I really thought I never get to the end of it. To my surprise it took me 4.29 mins which is a 5.39mins/km pace, I really felt tired after this, but I knew I can’t give up this easily, so instead of sitting down to catch my breath for the 2mins break, I’ve decided to just walk it. I thought if I sit down I won’t get up again. Then I’ve found myself at the beginning of the second Half a mile speed session, I did feel a bit slower this time, but I still gave all I could. Second time I’ve got around in 4.46mins which is a 5.56mins/km pace. I was 17 seconds slower, but I’m still pleased with it. I really run as fast as I could, and this was all I had this day.

After this I had a 1 mile long cool down, and I really took this easy. I mean I didn’t have much speed left in me. But overall I felt good about this session. I know already that I will struggle with these more than with my long and steady runs. But also know it that I need these sessions to get better and much faster.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 20.03.56

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 20.04.13Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 20.04.19




Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 20.17.30

Finally my charity t-shirt arrived.


24.05.2018 – Thursday

Rest day due to doctors appointment

25.05.2018 – Friday

4 miles easy run

Most days I only work part-time hours, 6am – 10am. But today was different, I had to stay in till 2pm due to a meeting. So my 1pm planned run was way out of the window.

By the time I got home it was 3pm but I know I had to change and get out to do my session.

To my total surprise this session felt really good. Not too sure why, I was totally knackered from work, walked just over 10000 steps already at work. But did have loads of energy for this run. I don’t really like running this late, because the school is just finished and loads of people were around. I like running when no-one is around, and noone sees me.

My pace for this session was 7.26mins/km. Went out a bit fast again, because the first km ended up being 7.02mins/km. but the 4th one turned out to be an 8.02mins/km. I need to try to be more consistent, otherwise I can burn out easier. It’s easier to be said then done, because my last km ended up being 7.05 , ohh dear me. But it feels great , that I do have in my the speed. Would be great to have a constant 7.05mins/kms, but I’m not there yet.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 20.13.54

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 20.14.02

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 20.14.11

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 20.17.26

26.05.2018 – Saturday

8 miles long run

Saturday could mean only one thing, Long run time 🙂 This week I had to run 8 miles, I woke up at 6am, ate my porridge and I was out on the door by 6.30am. I knew that I need to go out early otherwise I won’t do it later on.

Have to say the whole run went pretty well. My pace was really consistent, 7.33 – 7.23 – 7.27 – 7.21 ect.

When I got back to the town centre my planned route was cordoned off, loads of police car and ambulance. Tried to go through the little park next to it, but police tape was everywhere. I knew something serious had to happen. It turned out that they found a body in the river. This threw me off a bit, but then I thought I’ll run for that lady, because she can’t do anything anymore.  Poor her.

Seen loads of runners, walkers and dog walkers. To my surprise everyone was really friendly and said “Hi” to me.

I haven’t taken any water with me, but took a few gels, and decided to consume them after every 2.5miles, not too sure if they worked or not. But when I ate them I felt I got more energy.

My slowest km was done in 8.05 mins, but this was the one when I bumped into the police. But to my biggest surprise my 12th km was completed in 6.40mins. I really don’t have any idea how I managed to do this fast, i had a few kms just above 7mins, but this one turned out to be way below 7mins. Hopefully one day my normal pace will be in and around the 6mins mark. But till then I’ll work extra hard.

I’ve finished this session with a 7.28mins/km pace.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 20.28.53

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 20.29.06

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 20.29.13

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 20.31.47

If you look through all sessions this week I was able to stay in the 7.20-7.30mins marks. Onwards and upwards from this, I’m already looking forward to Week 3 🙂





Week 1 – Berlin to Chicago training

As I said in my previous post, I’ve hired a running coach. If you haven’t read that click HERE to read it now.

I was really excited about my training plan, I didn’t really know what to expect, or anything. But everyone I spoke with they highly recommended Denise and her coaching plans.

I’ve officially started my training on the 14th of May.  The plan itself is an 18 week-long plan to Berlin and the 3 more weeks to Chicago.

My weekly plan follows the below schedule:

  1. Monday : Easy paced run
  2. Tuesday: Cross training  ( I’ll alternate between, swimming, cycling and the cross training machine )
  3. Wednesday: Track training ( to get faster )
  4. Thursday: Easy paced run
  5. Friday: Rest day
  6. Saturday: Long run
  7. Sunday: Cross training or rest day

It looks a lot, and definitely after completing week 1 it feels a lot, but I know if I stick to the plan I’ll get the results I really want. I really want to break 6hrs in Berlin and the Chicago as well. I’ll put all the training in I can, and also will try to eat a bit healthier. Probably if I lose some weight that will help me to get faster as well.

Every sunday I’ll write a post about how I got along with my training during the week. you can find them all under the Training tab.

Also every now and then , maybe every 4th week I’ll make a post about comparing my pace with Week 1, so you and I all can see if I improved at all or not, if I did then you’ll see by how much.

14.05.2018. Monday


15.05.2018 Tuesday

Easy paced 5 mile run

This run didn’t feel easy at all. Not too sure why, but I was struggling with it from the beginning. Probalby it didn’t help that I went out when the sun was really hot and didn’t take any water with me. I usually run later or first thing in the morning. But this day I couldn’t go any earlier. Usually my running pace is around 8.10mins/ km but this time i was almost a full minute slower.

If you click on the images below, you can see all of them in full size.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 19.18.06


16.05.2018 Wednesday

Track training.

Since I started running I haven’t done ay kind of speed workout. Or you can call it Track training. Unfortunately I haven’t found any running tracks around me, so I decided to run around the local pond.

The plan I had to do was:

2 mile easy warm up

4x 1/4mile repeats ( 2 mins recovery between )

1 mile easy cool down

I wasn’t too sure how fast am I supposed to run when I do the 1/4mile (400m) intervals, so I gave it all my best. As you can see from the splits below, that the first one was completed in 3:05mins, second one in 2:53mins, third one in 2:42mins and the last one was in 2:36mins. To my surprise I managed to get them done faster and faster. At least now I have some kind of idea how fast am I supposed to do them later on. Also I had no idea what am I supposed to do in the 2mins rest period, so I just kept slowly walking. Since then I’ve spoken with Denise and I can just stop in the rest periods.

I have to say I’m really pleased with this workout. I’m really far to be a fast runner, but sooner or later I’ll get there 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 19.30.35


Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 19.33.42

Look at those splits 🙂

17.05.2018 Thursday

Easy paced 3 mile run

have to be honest I couldn’t do this workout. After work I had to sort out my citizenship application and totally ran out of time 🙁

18.05.2018 Friday

Rest day

18.05.2018 Saturday

Long run – 7 miles

After totally failing my run on Tuesday, and feeling bad about myself, I’ve decided to give “jeffing” another go. I love jeffing, but then some people keep calling me a walker, and not a runner. Yeah I know well that I’m not running all the distance but when I “jeff” I am much much faster . So I decided to “jeff” all 7 miles on saturday.

Running vs. Jeffing 😲😲😍😬
Tuesday vs. Saturday.
When I “jeff “ I run 1mins and then walk 30secs.
For me it sounds totally unbelievable that I can be this much faster if I take regular walk breaks.
Look at my average pace , 9.03mins/km when I give my best in continuous running and compare it with my 7.25mins/km when I ran-walk.
How is it possible ?! Well to me it doesn’t matter , I think I’ll stick with my jeffing. And don’t listen to others who’s keep telling me I shouldn’t do races if I can’t ran it continuously.

 Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 19.49.26


And now lets see my Saturday run compared with my Tuesday run:

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 19.53.59

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 19.54.08

As you can see, when I ‘ jeff ‘ my splits are more even and definitely much faster. I love the 60:30 ratio , mainly because I can run fast for 60 seconds, and then the 30seconds recovery is more than enough. I get my heart rate down and cath up my breath. Then off I go again with the run.

20.05.2018 Sunday

Cross training or Rest day

Because I couldn’t do the training on thursday I decided I do need to do today’s cross training. Jumped on my bike and cycled on the turbo for an hour.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 19.59.14

Week 1 is done and only 17 more weeks to go 🙂



Berlin to Chicago = I’ve hired a running coach

In the last few months I’ve spent loads and loads of times to decided what to do with my upcoming marathon training plans. It wouldn’t have been that hard if I have to train for once race, but no I need to train for 2 of them . Berlin is on the 16th of September, and then chicago is on the 7th of October.

I’ve read through loads of websites, and books. Some suggested treat the first race as a practice long run and give my absolute best in the second one. Some suggested I should treat them individually. Other plans said I should give my 100% at the first one and just enjoy the second one.

So it’s all totally different and totally confusing.

For London and New York I’ve followed the MY ASICS plan. It was a nice and simple plan, and easy to follow and totally free. You can use it on a computer, or download the iPhone / Android app.


It follows a really simple plan:  Go out and run the distance, mostly with the same pace, sometimes slower other times faster. So no complicated hill sessions, fartlek sessions or other ones.

It did work because in London I’ve got around in 06:57:31 and in New York I’ve got around in 06:32:14.

As you can see I’ve improved 25 minutes in the second race.

But as I said earlier I have to run 2 marathons within 3 weeks. When I signed up for them ( via charity ) I really thought it’s the best idea ever. Then I’ve realised I wont have 6 months between them , so I really need to push my training. Definitely can’t be lazy.

I’ve asked in multiple Facebook groups if anyone recommend any good running coaches.


This is how I’ve found Denise 🙂 She’s based in Chicago, but everyone who’s done her Group or “Virtual” marathon coaching plan highly recommended her.


Coach Denise, Marathon Whisperer

Just a few awesome facts about her:

  • Certified Running Coach-Road Runners Club of America
  • Certified USATF Coach Level 1
  • 91 X Marathoner| 23 X Chicago Marathons |28 X Boston Qualifier
  • Co-Founder Girls on the Run-Chicago
  • RunCierge™ Run My City Tours
  • Abbott World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher
  • 2 X Wisconsin Ironman Finisher
  • Abbott World Marathon Majors Ambassador
  • 3 X 50 mile Ultra Marathon Finisher
  • 1 X 100 Mile Ultra Marathon Finisher
  • 200+ races completed

As you can see she’s completed loads of Marathons and 2 Ironman as well.

Becasuse I’m a slow runner, I was really worried that I won’t find any coach who caters for slower runners. But I was totally wrong. She does training plans for slow runners.

As soon as I heard that I knew that I will use her services to help me to get to Berlin and then the finish in Chicago.

I haven’t received my plan yet, so I can’t really say much about it. But I know that it will starts on the 15th of May, and if I have any questions I can email her.

She also just run Boston and London with a few of her trainees and I can’t wait to meet with her in Chicago.

When I’ve signed up with her I’ve told her that my main aim is to get finally below the 6hrs mark, and she said she will make sure it will happen.

As soon as I have more information about my plan and it’s structure I’ll give you all an update.

You can find more information about her HERE and she also offers 1-2-1 personal coaching and group coaching as well. I’ve opted for the Virtual one, because I don’t live in Chicago 🙁