My day with Kathrine Switzer

As I was telling you all in my last post I had an awesome big surprise for you.

There’s an online running community called ” adidas Runners London “. A few weeks ago they told us that Kathrine Switzer will attend their Saturday Morning Ladies running session. Had to sign up via Facebook and then a few days later I was notified that I got a spot and be able to attend to the Q&A and running session with her.

When I first started running I came across with her. At first I had no idea who was she, and what did she do. After I’ve looked into her and purchased her books I realised what did she do. If you not familiar with her story , you can read it below briefly:

1967 Boston Marathon

After her coach insisted a marathon was too far to run for a "fragile woman", Switzer trained for and completed the 1967 Boston Marathon under entry number 261 with the Syracuse Harriers athletic club.It was another five years before women were officially allowed to compete. Her finishing time of approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes was nearly an hour behind the first female finisher, Bobbi Gibb, who ran unregistered.She registered under the gender-neutral "K. V. Switzer", which she said was not done to mislead the officials. She stated she had long used "K. V. Switzer" to sign the articles she wrote for her university paper. She also stated that her name had been misspelled on her birth certificate, so she often used her initials to avoid confusion. Photographs of race official Jock Semple attempting to rip Switzer's number off were widespread in the media.

Switzer was issued a number through an "oversight" in the entry screening process, and was treated as an interloper when the error was discovered. Semple attempted to physically remove her from the race while shouting, "Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!" Switzer's boyfriend, Tom Miller, a 235-pound ex-All American football player and nationally ranked hammer thrower who was running with her, shoved Semple aside and sent him flying to the pavement, allowing her to proceed.Photographs taken of the incident made world headlines.

Afterward, Boston Athletic Association director Will Cloney was asked his opinion of Switzer competing in the race. Cloney said, "Women can't run in the Marathon because the rules forbid it. Unless we have rules, society will be in chaos. I don't make the rules, but I try to carry them out. We have no space in the Marathon for any unauthorized person, even a man. If that girl were my daughter, I would spank her."

Because of her run, the AAU barred women from all competitions with male runners, with violators losing the right to compete in any races. Switzer, with other women runners, tried to convince the Boston Athletic Association to allow women to participate in the marathon. Finally, in 1972, women were officially allowed to run the Boston Marathon for the first time.

According to Switzer, she understood the gravity of her participation and accomplishment: "I knew if I quit, nobody would ever believe that women had the capability to run 26-plus miles. If I quit, everybody would say it was a publicity stunt. If I quit, it would set women’s sports back, way back, instead of forward. If I quit, I’d never run Boston. If I quit, Jock Semple and all those like him would win. My fear and humiliation turned to anger."

I’ve started my day early, had to leave Andover by 7.30am to get to London and then walk to the Adidas studio. I didn’t want  to be late, because the email said no late comers. I had one chance to get there so I left really early.

When I got up to London I knew that this day will be great. Sunshine, and incredibly hot weather, no clouds on the sky.

IMG_3658 2

Had to make my way into the Adidas Studio in Brick Lane. At first I’ve walked past but 2nd time I found it. By the time I’ve got to the studio a few ladies were already there. A few of us were first comers, but most of them knew each other from their other running sessions.

Kathrine turned up just after 10.30am. She was so casual and friendly. I didn’t really know what to expect, because she’s totally famous but she was friendly, chatty and just lovely.

I went to speak with her, and she sounded really positive. Told her about my marathon goals, and she said I’m totally awesome to try to achieve something like that. Also told me to keep continue no matter what happens, think about my achievements when I feel down or struggle. And totally ignore the naysayers, they just there because the jealous about my running journey and achiements. Also been told that I’m totally awesome because I’m raising funds for all the charities I’m running  for ( MACS, Prostate cancer UK and Team Paws Chicago ) .


After the photos the Q&A started. My phone was playing up so didn’t managed to record the first few minutes, but got almost 20 minutes of footage 🙂


the interview is totally wort watching it, tells you everything about how she managed to run Boston, why is it important that women keep running, and she also gives a few tips about running 🙂 She also told us what ” 261 ” means, so do watch the video.

After the Q&A we headed out for a planned 10k run. Which turned into a shorter 5k run at the end. To my total surprise Karthine stayed with the back of the pack runners. This is felt great. Most of you know I’m not a fast runner, so my 5ks are around 35minutes, so was a bit worried I’ll be last. But who doesn’t want to be last if Kathrine is there with you.  She told me that the speed is not important, as long as I enjoy my runs and completing my distances. 5 of us stayed at the back including Kathrine and the rest of us took off and we lost sight of them after a few minutes. We stopped a few times to chat and she had selfies with all of us.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 18.01.59

As you can see below we did stop multiple times, because the elapsed time was almost 50 mins, but the run itself was only  37:40. But it was totally worth it.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 18.02.16



Waiting to cross the road



Stopped for photos a lot. Who doesn’t want a photo with her and the Tower bridge?

When we got back to the studio we had a few different food to snack on and also healthy hand-made juices.


Also just before I left I’ve got given a special Adidas Runners London t-shirt, now I will forever remember the day when I’m wearing that t-shirt. IMG_7008


I had a totally awesome day. I never in my life thought I will meet with her, but now it happened I can’t me any happier. I really hope I will see her in Boston next year so can tell her how I managed to do my marathons.

Also just want to say that this event was totally free, didn’t have to pay ” meet & greet ” fees, photo fees, food and drink fees. I can’t even remember if I ever got anything for free in London before lol .

Kathrine also completed the London marathon on the Sunday, and her impressive finish time was 4:44:49 , which is totally hardcore because she was running in the 70+ age category. I hope I will be as great as her or close to her time when I’ll be 70+.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 18.15.22

I’m forever grateful that I had the opportunity to meet with her and talked with her.

Good luck Kathrine for the future 🙂



London Marathon 2018 – Expo

Have to start with the most important thing, this year I’m not running the London Marathon 🙁 Didn’t have any luck on the ballot, and couldn’t afford the charity place again. I really wanting to concentrate my Berlin and Chicago charities this year.

So probably now you are wondering why am I writing a blog post about it. there are 2 reasons we went to the Expo. The first one is that last year my other half couldn’t come with me due to not being given a day off from work 🙁 Secondly I wanted to do some shopping, getting some bargains and loads of freebies.

We went up on the Opening day which was Wednesday the 18th of April. Wanted to go up early so we don’t need to queue a lot and there’s more chance to get items in my size.

The Expo was in the same place as last year, ExCel London. You can really easily get there from central London.


Hello London

We got there just around 12pm and it was open from 11am, so wasn’t many people there at all.

Our first stop was the Abbott stand,  I really wanted to leave some inspirational notes on the wall for fellow  6 Star runners.


They also had the 6 star medal on display and it turns out over 150 people will reach their goal in London and become an Abbott World Marathon Majors 6 Star Finisher. So awesome 🙂

How cool is this? I can’t wait to get mine in Boston next year.Whilst I was there I been offered to try myself out on the gigantic treadmill. For the ladies we had to keep up Paula Radcliffe’s WR marathon pace, which is 11.61 miles per hours. They challenge was to try and complete 400 metres in her pace. It was so much fun. Definitely worth a try 🙂

See below the video my trying the challenge 🙂


After this we went into the exhibitor area. This year was the first when New Balance was the clothing sponsor. I haven’t bought anything there, because I would of felt weird wearing a race gear when I’m not even running it.

But we got loads of freebies from New Balance, see the photo at the end of this post.

After this stand we looked around everywhere till we found the OOFOS stand. As most of you know I’m suffering a really bad Plantar Fasciitis since January. i’ve heard and read so much great stuff about OOFOS so I had to try them on. They not cheap , £50 a pair of flip flops but I had to try them on. As soon as I put it on, my pain totally disappeared. It gave my arch an incredible support, and was so snug I felt great straight away. I never thought that a pair of flip flops can do that. After that I knew that I will need to buy this, I can’t leave it behind.


My first pair of OOFOS, but not the last


They are sooooo comfy

Since Wednesday I am wearing this all the time, well when i’m not at work. And you won’t going to believe me but my pain is not there anymore. I still feel a bit stiff in the mornings, but after work and running I have no pain at all ! I need to look into if they sell fully black shoes, because then I will buy a pair for work.

As I said earlier I will show you a photo of all the goodies we collected 🙂 The only Item we paid for it was the  Feetures socks for me.


In my next blog post I will tell you more about my training plan for Berlin / Chicago. Also will have an awesome announcement about my upcoming training run in London. I cant wait to share with you who’s that famous person I’m going to spend my morning running with. So stay tuned 🙂



Jeffing? Feffing? Effing?

I’m part of a lot of running groups on Facebook. Mainly to get motivation and also to use them to get advice if I needed. They are mainly English groups but there’s 2 Hungarian as well.

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed that loads of runners ( mainly in the Hungarian groups) saying it’s really embarrassing that they can’t run continuously. Even on shorter distances eg. 3-5k. Whenever this subject comes up in an English group I always recommend ” Jeffing” but when this comes up in a Hungarian group I keep myself quiet.

Many months ago I suggested someone to try ” Jeffing” because she was struggling with running and could not keep her pace up and she wanted to attempt a 5k race.

Well my suggestion wasn’t welcomed well at all. According to them if someone can’t run continuously the race distance then they don’t belong to the start line.

I’m totally disagree with that ! Everyone is totally entitled to attend any races they wish to do.

So whats this ” Jeffing ” about? The proper name for it is The Jeff Galloway Method. Which basicly is run / walk / run method or you could use the world ” interval” running. In 1974  Jeff was teaching runners of different abilities to achieve their distance goal using the run / walk / run method.

The below is from Jeff’s website :

The Galloway Run Walk Run method

• A smart way to run – by giving you congnitive control over each workout.

• Allows you to carry on all of your life activities – even after long runs

• Motivates beginners to get off of the couch and run

• Bestows running joy to non-stop runners who had given up

• Helps improve finish times in all races

• Gives all runners control over fatigue

• Delivers all of the running enhancements without exhaustion or pain

I’ve started ” jeffing” just under a year ago and I haven’t looked back. At first I did not believe the method at all. I couldn’t really understand how is it possible  to be faster if I walk some part of the races? but have to say it does work 🙂 It doesn’t make me as tired, I hardly have any muscle aches on the next day and I can run much longer.

To start it you’ll need to get an interval timer. First I tried it on my phone, but my phone battery given up at the longer races. So decided to try the timer Jeff recommends, it’s called Gymboss Minimax and its roughly £27 from ebay , it works with a AAA battery and incredibly easy to set up.


Green Gymboss Minimax


I figured out the best intervals for my training is the 1minute run and 30second walks. Also its better to start ” Jeffing ” from the beginning of the race, otherwise your body will be tired and you wont see the benefits of  ” Jeffing”.

Whenever I ” Jeff ” a race or park runs I give a hand signal to the runners behind me, so they will know I’m planning to stop. Also its great to just stick either on to the left or right side of the road.

You can check out my hand signal in my New York video below, it will be at 08:13secs 🙂

Let me get back to my own experience with some running stats.

London Marathon : 06:57:31

I’ve tried to run the whole race from start to finish, but unfortunately I’ve burnt out by mile 15ish. When I’ve done my training I focused on running, haven’t even thought about walking. Why should I walk in a marathon??

New York Marathon – 6 months later : 06:32:14

I have ” jeffed” this race from the start till the finish line. Was really hard not to sprint off at the beginning or just run, but I knew that I’ve done all my training following ” jeffing” so I knew I had to try my best to follow it. As you can see I’ve beat my time by 25 whole minutes! This includes stopping after mile 11 because twisted and dislocated my knee and needed to see the medics. But after that i went back to do my 1min run and 30 secs walk ratio again and finished the race strong.


Can you spot my Gymboss? It came with me to the far US of A  as well.  It comes with a clip so you will be able to clip on your running top.

Probably you are wondering how is it possible to recover in your walk breaks? I can’t really explain, but it does work. Probably its all goes back to the heart rate, in your walk parts your heart rate goes back to almost normal, so when you start to run again you are not burning out as quickly, also your core body temperature will get lower again as well.

When I will start my marathon training for Berlin and Chicago I will definitely follow the ” run / walk / run ” method again.


Flying high with my Gymboss 🙂 

I really wish I could just shake off a full marathon without stopping, but there’s absolutely no chance for that haha. I’m running for fun, taking selfies and making videos. So this ” jeffing ” clearly works for me 🙂 And as you can see above I’ve got a 25mins marathon PB with ” jeffing”. have to say I’m proud of my achievement so far. If someone thinks I’m not a runner well that’s their opinion.

I don’t have anything against fast non stop runners, but there are loads and loads of people out there who’s scared of longer distances or they not believe in themselves. So they have the option to try out the ‘ run – walk – run ” method and they’ll be able to complete their dream races as well 🙂

So go on and try ” Jeffing”  you have absolutely nothing to lose. On Jeff’s website there is a calculator which helps you to find out your ideal run-walk ratio. Look for the Magic Mile section.

If you have any questions regarding ” Jeffing ” please comment below or send me an email and I’m happy to answer 🙂



Diagnosis – Plantar Fasciitis

I’ve spent all my bank holiday weekend worrying about my Podiatry appointment which was booked in for Tuesday ( 04. April ).

But lets start it from the beginning. Since january I had a really bad foot pain. First I thought that maybe I’ve done too much exercises, Which woulnd’t have been a surprise because of my ironman training schedule. Had a few weeks rest and it got better. Went back to training and the pain came back, but this time it was even much worse. So I knew I had to do something about it.

Few weeks ago I was chatting with my colleague and she asked me if I pay into the Transport Benelovment Fund. I do pay into that since I’ve started my job at the railways. It’s only £1/ week and they cover loads and loads of treatments. Turns out they cover Podiatry and physiotherapy services up to £250/year/treatment. Since I started my job I never had to use them so I totally forgot it. So all thanks to her I’ll be able to get free treatments 🙂

I’ve contacted with loads of podiatrist and physiotherapist and straight away told them that I’m 90% sure that I have plantar fasciitis. At the end I’ve booked an appointment with a local podiatrist, called Anton Podiatry, and it runs by a lovely lady called Teresa .

I never seen a podiatrist before so I really had no clue what to expect. I was asked to bring my running shoes with me and also my everyday shoes. She had loads of questions before she started the assessment. i said to her that I’ve torn my ankle ligaments in February 2017 but my foot pain only started in January this year. She also asked how much do i run currently and whats my job is.

After all these questions she started a process called ” Biomechanical Assessment “. 

The foot needs to be flexible enough to absorb the shock of hitting the ground but firm enough not to collapse. Your foot and ankle is highly complex, containing 28 bones, 214 ligaments and 38 muscles. They have to take your weight multiple times a day and are subsequently prone to over-use conditions and other types of injury.

 Most sports injuries seen in Podiatry Clinics are due to over-use. This can be as a result of increasing training too quickly, poor foot and leg function, weak muscles, poor footwear choices etc.

A Biomechanics Assessment looks at your whole lower limb function, identifies what is hurting and then puts an appropriate plan in place to manage and ultimately resolve your symptoms.

The Assessment involves looking at your gait (how you walk) in particular, as not many people get injured standing still! It is that dynamic movement that shows where the muscle imbalance may be or if too much load is passing through certain structures in your foot or leg.

Biomechanics is not just Sports Injuries!! Biomechanics is applicable to everybody.

Had to walk up and down in the corridor bare footed, then I’ve sat down and she asked me to relax my foot so she can move the  around. Than stood on the ground lift one foot up and then the other ect.

The diagnosis was confirmed and it is Plantar Fasciitis 🙁

it turns out my ankle hasn’t really healed well since I’ve torn the ligaments last year. My whole foot is really tight and when I had to stand on it she seen loads of wobble. Also when I was walking up and down , she said she clearly seen that my left ankle is wobble way too much. Which means it’s not as strong as my right one. And because of that my whole foot is under constant stress. which causing the plantar fascia ligament to be incredibly tight. She said I came to see her in a good time, because if it gets too tight it can easily tear then I will need to have an operation.

So it’s not a good diagnosis at all, but at least it has been confirmed.

I’ve a special insoles for my shoes and i need to wear them everywhere, I also need to tape up my foot every single day. Also she gave me a few leaflets with different kind of stretches which I will need to do 3 times a day. After any kind of exercise I will need to Ice my foot for at least 10-15mins. Will need to get a proper foam roller as well.


Special insoles


The “Orange” one is for my bad foot. 


Luckily I have loads of tape, left over from my ankle and knee taping. 

Will need to go and see her again on the 9th of May and see how I’m getting on.

She said I should see improvements after about 9-10 weeks and if everything goes well a full recovery within 6months.

Also advised me not to run anything further than 15k at the moment, well before the 9th of May and we will re asses my options after that.

She said if I follow her plan and advise I shouldn’t have any problem running the Berlin and Chicago mararthon later this year.

At least I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m on the way to get better 🙂





How are we getting to Berlin?

When I’ve got my charity place for the Berlin Marathon I’ve managed to book a really good hotel via The hotel is a 3 star hotel and it’s called Astrid am Kurfürstendamm. I’ve tried to book a hotel close to the start/ finish line so we won’t need to travel too much. According to Google this hotel is only 30 mins away from the start if we walk, or only 20 mins if we taking the train.

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 16.21.48

From the Hotel to the Start

This hotel has 3 stars and it comes with free breakfast as well. at least we are going to save some money on food 🙂

Since I know that we are going I was keeping an eye on the flight prices. But to my surprise all prices are already over £160 / person, even with the cheapest airline.

At this point I started to wonder what other options we have to get there. I really don’t want to drive, because it’s expensive and takes way too long.

Then I realised what if we go with a train? I work for the railways, I like trains, I’m lucky to get great discounts and also its just over 9hours on the train. No hustle, no troubles, just a chilled out journey.

I was a bit worried that my other half will shoot my train plans off, but to my surprise he said yes. He’s words were ” This will be great fun “. Well he could have been sarcastic, who knows haha.

Now it’s time to start the planning. The one thing I was sure that we will need to use the Eurostar to get to the Continent. but had absolutely zero clue if its Paris or Brussels or anything else.

After a quick search I’ve found our perfect route:


London – Brussels Midi – Köln Hbf (Cologne) – Berlin Hbf

  1. 06:13am London St Pancras International, UK  – 9.22am Brussels Midi , Belgium
  2. 10:25am Brussels Midi , Belgium – 12:15pm Köln Hbf (Cologne), Germany
  3. 12:48pm Köln Hbf (Cologne ), Germany – 17:07pm Berlin Hbf (tief), Germany

The London to Brussels route will be on the Eurostar, and the Brussels – Cologne – Berlin part will be on the DB ICE trains.

Velaro-Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge: Eurostar e320 / Velaro Eurostar e320 high-speed trains

London St Pancras International to Brussels Midi – Eurostar e320


Brussels to Köln Hbf (Cologne)  – DB ICE 15 ( 406 )  


Köln Hbf (Cologne) to Berlin Hbf (tief) – DB ICE 559 ( 402 )

The journey is not the fastest, but we’ll be on a comfortable trains, and check out the beautiful scenery. I never had a train journey like this before, but I do looking forward to it.

On the way back be taking the same route, and same trains.

The price break down for this whole journey is £313 for the hotel and £138 for the trains. This train fare already including our discounts, without that it would of been £460.

The subtotal will be £451. Which is way better than the original price with the really expensive flights.



Crushed dreams – deferral IM UK

This wasn’t an easy decision to make, and I was the only one who had to make it.

Due to not being able to give my 100% at trainings, because of my really painful heel ( read about it more here Plantar Fasciitis )  I had to defer from this years Ironman UK event 🙁

Since January I’ve run twice, the furthest I’ve attempted to run was 13.1miles but that was with loads of struggle. After 6miles I was walking, just walked to get to the finish.

I’m someone who always give 110%, no matter what I do. Personal life. running or at work.  If I can’t give my best I feel bad about it.

Probalby I could have started the race in Bolton, and get around in 16:59:59. But that’s not the point. That’s not my aim. I can’t start an Ironman race if I only can swim and bike, but cant run. If I’d completed the race I would have wanted to go back next year to give my 110%.

So a few days ago I’ve filled out the deferring request on the IM UK website, and got my confirmation a few days later. Luckily when I signed up before the 29th of October 2017, so I was able to defer my entry to 2018. Otherwise I would have lost the £400 entry fee, and that’s a lot of money to lose.

I keep continue my swimming and cycling in the mean time and hopefully in a few months time I can slowly start some kind of running.

Till then off to see my physio a few times a week and hoping for a quick recovery.

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 19.11.36



What’s the costs of running the World Marathon Majors ( WMM ) ?

Since I started this journey, loads of people keep asking me how much is it exactly cost to run the races. But lets start with the beginning. If you new to running and have no idea about the majors, let me explain it to you briefly.

What is the Abbot World Marathon Majors?

The Abbott World Marathon Majors is a series consisting of six of the largest and most renowned marathons in the world. The races take place in Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York City.

So simple is that, the 6 biggest marathons all around the world, 3 in North America, 2 in Europe and 1 in Asia.

When you complete all 6 races, your name will go onto the Abbot’s Wall Of Fame, and you’ll be rewarded with a special 6 star medal. If you lucky you can run all 6 races in a calendar year, or run them in a much slower pace. At this moment there is no time limit to complete them . I gave myself a 3 year time limit, which means 2 in every year.

London – New York = 2017

Berlin – Chicago = 2018

Tokyo – Boston = 2019


Now back to the most important and serious part, finances.

How much does it really cost to run the races?

There are a few options, but I start with the cheapest options, which is when you are successfully gained entry via the lottery  / fast runner systems. Then after that I’ll explain how did I managed to get my entries.

  1.  Cheapest option – via 5 lottery drawing + 1 qualification

For 5 races out of the 6, you can get in via lottery drawing ( Tokyo, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York ) and for Boston you’ll need to run fast. You will need to get a qualifying time.

Let me get this straight, there’s really no cheap option. Yes, the race entries are not too bad, but you still going to need to travel. If you are from the US you can travel to the US races much cheaper, then someone from Europe ( like me ). But you still need accommodation, spending money, new running gear ect.

All 6 races have charity entries and Tour operator entries, but in this part I only focusing on the cheapest option, which is the Lottery or the Fast runner entries.

Tokyo Marathon:

Date: 1st Sunday of March

Entry fee if successful in the lottery:

Japan residents – 10,800 Yen  ( £73 )

Overseas residents – 12,800 Yen ( £86 )

The application period is usually in August, and the drawing takes place in Mid September.

Tokyo also has a scheme called ” RUN as ONE ” which is their fast runner scheme, but they only have 300 places for this. Also for this only residents outside of Japan can apply.

  • Men’s Full Marathon 2:21:01 〜 2:45:00
  • Women’s Full Marathon 2:52:01 〜 3:30:00

Tour operator: I haven’t found a list on their website unfortunately. The only 2 official operators I’m aware of : 2:09 events and Sport tours international

Charity application : 4000 guaranteed spots on the first come first get in basis. Have to pay the fundraising fee ahead.

London Marathon:

Date : usually the 3rd Sunday of April

Entry fee if successful in the lottery:

UK residents – £39 ( or £35 if you are a member of a UK-affiliated running club )

Overseas residents – £80

The application period is in May, and its usually only for 5 days, and the drawing takes place in October.

Also for London you can get in if you are part of a UK running club, they get a few places every year. The other option to get in via the Championship Entry, which means you’ll need to get a qualifying time. These 2 option are only open for UK residents thou.

Tour operators : Only for residents outside if the UK

Charity application :

Berlin Marathon:

Date: usually the 3rd Sunday of September

Entry fee if successful in the lottery:

Any residents – €108  ( £95 )

The application period last year was in Mid September – Beginning of October, and the drawing takes place in the end of November – beginning of December.

Also for this race small teams ( 2-3 people ) can enter as well, they have the same application window and the price is the same. Not too sure if their chances are better than the single participants.

Berlin also have a Fast runners scheme. Everyone who finished an AIMS-certified marathon in the last two years  under a specified time and can prove it with a list of results or race certificate qualifies to receive a starting spot once we have verified the submitted information. They will need to pay the same entry fee of €108.

Tour operators :

Charity application :

Chicago Marathon:

Date: usually the 1st Sunday of October

Entry fee if successful in the lottery / guaranteed entry:

  • U.S. residents (those who live in one of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico or other U.S. territories): $195 (USD) ( £140 )
  • Non-U.S. residents: $220 (USD) ( £157 )

The application period last year was in end of October – end of November., and the drawing took place on the 12th of December.

Chicago also have a Guaranteed entry option:

  • Time qualifier: Runners who have met the event’s age graded qualifying standards or qualify for the event’s American Development Program.
  • Legacy finisher: Runners who have completed the Chicago Marathon five or more times within the last 10 years.
  • 2017 Cancelled entry: Runners who cancelled their 2017 entry through the event deferment/cancellation policy.
  • Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle: Runners who have completed the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K four or more times since 2000 and have signed up for the 2018 Shamrock Shuffle.

Tour operators :

Charity application :

New York Marathon:

Date: usually the 1st Sunday of November

Entry fee if successful in the lottery / guaranteed entry:

  • U.S. residents (those who live in the 50 United States, and the District of Columbia)
    • NYRR members: US $255 ( £182 )
    • Non-members: US $295 ( £211 )
  • Non-U.S. residents: US $358 ( £256 )

The application period  was from the 15 January –  15 February , and the drawing took place on the 28th of February.

New York also have a few guaranteed entry options:

  • Entrants Through the 9+1 or 9+$1K Program
  • Entrants Who Officially Cancelled Their Entry to the next TCS New York City Marathon
  • Runners Who Have Completed 15 New York City Marathons
  • Time Qualifiers

Tour operator :

Charity application :

Boston Marathon: 

Date: always on Patriots day

As I said at the beginning, this race is totally different from the other 5.

There is no lottery for this race, you’ll need to get a qualifying time to be able to get into the race, of course if you want the cheapest option.

Entry fee via time qualification:

U.S. residents – $185.00 (USD) ( £132 )

International residents – $250.00 (USD)  ( £180 )

Boston Marathon has a “rolling admission” schedule, beginning with the fastest qualifiers. Runners will be seeded based on qualifying time. The date you are allowed to register will correspond with the amount of time by which you’ve beat your qualifying standard. For more info click HERE, this is the official site and explains it really well.

Tour operators : Since B.A.A. updated their website they took off the official tour operator list. I saved it in a PDF so happy to email it to anyone 🙂 Also only non USA / Canadian residents can apply via this route.

Charity application :

   2. How did I got into the races? 

Because I’m not a fast runner and I havent had any luck with the lotteries I’ve already paid a lot. Most of these prices just for the entry, doesn’t include airfare or hotels. The only good thing is that luckily i get great price on train fares , so mostly that’s free.

If you light-hearted and don’t want to get a shock do not read any further lol

London Marathon 2017:

Charity entry –  the cheapest I’ve found was with a charity called MACS and they have requested to raise £1250. I’ve raised about £500 and the rest was paid out from my pocket.

New York Marathon 2017:

Official tour operator – 2:09 events UK

Their flights + entry package cost me £1200

Berlin Marathon 2018:

Charity entry– The cheapest I’ve found was with Prostate cancer UK and they asked me to raise £500. Because i feel bad asking money from friends and family I’ve paid this off as well. I don’t feel that others should pay for my races, even though all the money going to charities.

Chicago Marathon 2018:

Charity entry – it’s with a Chicago based charity called Paws Chicago, and they asked me to raise $1000 ( £717 ). It’s the same as Berlin, because I feel bad asking money from friends and family I’ve paid this off as well. I don’t feel that others should pay for my races, even though all the money going to charities.

Tokyo Marathon 2019:

** Update ** I’ve got into Tokyo via the charity option. Link here

Charity entry – But because the registration hasn’t opened for 2019 I can’t say I’ve got a guaranteed place. But when they open it up in July I’ll apply for a place. Their charity called ” Run with Heart ” and they have 4000 spots, it’s a first come first get registration. The money need to be paid is 100 000 Yen ( £680 ).

Boston Marathon 2019: 

** Update ** I’ve got into Boston via 2:09 events registration. Link here.

Official tour operator – 2:09 events UK or Sport Tours International.

Their prices will include : flight  + entry + hotel for 4 nights

Because none of them started their registration process I can’t say what their fees will be for 2019, but 2:09 events prices for 2018 were:

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 15.41.58

The final balance is due 10 weeks before travel.

So that’s all, it’s definitely expensive but my motto is ” We only live once ” so at the end it’s all worth it 🙂 And to be honest I’m good with savings , once I set my mind into something I save up for it.

When I got my entry confirmation for Tokyo & Boston I’ll update this post.

Since I’ve wrote this post I managed to get into Tokyo and also to Boston as well. Click on the links to read more about them.

If any of you have any question about any of the races please do not hesitate to contact with me.



Struggle?! Why I’m so unlucky?

I haven’t been active here for a really long time, and I feel really bad about it. But the last few weeks were horrible.

It’s all started after I completed the 10k race in Greenwich park.  During the race my left foot started to hurt, it felt like a strange burning numbing feeling. It’s really hard to explain. First I thought that I run too hard or haven’t trained enough for it. the next morning I could not manage to stood on my left foot, I never felt this kind of pain in my life before. My heel was incredibly sore but the rest of my sole was hurting as well. Slowly managed to get to work but I was worrying about it a lot. After a few hours the pain was gone , like nothing happened before.

When I got back from work and sat down a bit, and stood up the pain was back. I had no clue what this could be.

A few days later I went to see medical advice because I started to realise this is definitely not normal. Well it turns out it’s a really common but awful injury called Plantar Fasciitis.

What exactly is this?

Plantar fasciitis (PLAN-tur fas-e-I-tis) is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes (plantar fascia).

Plantar fasciitis commonly causes stabbing pain that usually occurs with your first steps in the morning. As you get up and move more, the pain normally decreases, but it might return after long periods of standing or after rising from sitting.


Plantar fasciitis is more common in runners. In addition, people who are overweight and those who wear shoes with inadequate support have an increased risk of plantar fasciitis.



Two words:  It Sucks !!!!

There’s not much I could do about this, other than resting and stretching it gently. I’ve spoken with many other runners and some of them been out of running 6-10 months because the pain is unbearable.

I’ve got one of these special night casts, which should gently my ligament overnight so I wouldn’t be in as much pain in the morning.



It seems to work, because I don’t have as much pain in the mornings, but running is still a struggle. So most days I just fast walk :/ I thought if i keep resting it gets better, so I haven’t done any cycling or running since the end of january. Attempted a half marathon on the 4th of march and I was perfectly fine till about mile 6-7 after that the pain was back and had to walk the remaining miles. Which resulted to my slowest ever half marathon 🙁

At this moment I have no idea what’s going to happen with my Ironman race in July. I could defer it for a year, but I really wanted to do it before I turn 30 next February.

Some days if I walk more at work than usual then the next day the pain is back and I hardly can walk. So even when I’m not running the pain is coming back.

I do feel really unlucky because every time I’m training for something I’ll get injured. Last year torn my ankle ligament before the London marathon. During New York I’ve dislocated my knee and now I have this.

I have so much stuff to do this year, Ironman, Berlin and Chicago. I paid in loads and loads of money, which I can’t get back. The only one I can defer is the Ironman. The marathons are charity places, so can’t defer.

Life sucks sometimes.

I need to get better, I need to feel well to continue my training. I love my training, it refreshes me and let me relax after a hard day at work. Now I totally incapable to do anything other than walk.

I do hope that a few more weeks of resting and I’d be okay with my training. How could I even attempt an Ironman without training for the bike and run? It’s so sad 🙁




Greenwich Park 10k

To keep myself on track with my trainings I’ve decided to run at least 1 race in a month.

I’ve run a few races organised by Runthroughuk and I really enjoyed them. Really well organised races, chip timing, medal, banana , flapjacks and free race photos. Who needs more than this?

I headed to London early Saturday morning, because the races started at 10am. My train arrived to Waterloo well on time, then took the underground to get to Greenwich park.

Unfortunately the weather was horrible, and rained all day long.

The course was a 3 lap course in the beautiful Greenwich park. I don’t really like lap races, but 3 laps are not as bad. But at the end of each laps there was a massive hill.


I wasn’t too sure what to expect , because my last race was in New York, but I tried to do my best. I’ve decided to run as much as I can, then walk/run up that massive hill.

With that plan in mind my first 3km was well under 7mins/km, which I was pleased with it.  Unfortunately because the weather was bad we didn’t have much crowed support but the marshalls were awesome.

After the first hill climb I realised that I do need to do much more hill training. There were loads of runners who easily run up the whole hill.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 17.33.26

To be honest I’m pleased with my time, I’ve crossed the finish line in 1hr 14mins 7secs. Which is a bit better than my normal flat 10k time. My last 10k race was in Reading and I’ve finished that in 1hr 21mins.

Massive surprise. I’m starting to believe that cycling and swimming help with my cardio and it makes my running faster.

What’s your thoughts?

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 17.32.47

Finished the race with an awesome 7:26mins/km, and I’m really happy with that. There’s still place to improve and get better but slowly I’m getting there.



Happy Finish


First Medal of the year



6 months to go – IM UK

Race day is now less than 6 months away, its scary to think that this time I’ll be in the water and swimming towards to the finish line of Bolton.


But 6 months is a long way away as well. Loads of training and also some planning ahead of me. When the weather gets better and I’ll do longer on the bike I will have to start practicing my fueling strategy. I’m really comfortable with my running fuelling, so just need to concentrate for the cycling part.

In the next couple of months I’ll do some blog posts about the different race locations, pre and post race activities etc.

Also ever sunday after i finished my last training session of the week I will publish my weekly training summary. It will be a good reflection to see where did I struggle, what did I smash and just simply to compare my results.

I’d love to have it in writing how much I achieved and got better in the next 6 months.

To have that I have to write down where I started.


I’ll be honest, I’ve started swimming on November. Before that probably I’ve done 2-3 swimming sessions in a whole year. As of today I only feel comfortable to swim in breaststroke. I’ve tried to do front crawl but it feels like I’m drowning and all the water keeps going into my nose :/

My average swimming pace is : 3:42mins / 100 metres 

If the race would have been today I’d swam the 3800 metres in 2hrs 20mins 36 seconds. 

Which is pretty bad because the swim cut off is : 2 hours 20 minutes + a further 10 minutes from the swim cut off to start the bike

As you can see I need to get much much faster. I just looked through my Garmin swimming records and can see the fastest 100m I swam was 3:09 mins, if I’d be able to keep that sweep up I’d finish it in 1hr 59mins 42secs.

But my plan is to get as fast as 2:45mins / 100m in the swimming pool, that is 1:44:30. Because I managed to keep that pace up then in open water I’ll have some spare time and wont need to rush as much. As you can see I’ll definitely need to get faster and shave off almost a whole minute from my swimming times. But I still have almost 6 months to achieve this step.


I used to cycle in my mountain bike and done a few casual races back in Hungary, but nothing as competitive as an Ironman. I’ve got my road bike in the beginning of december and since then we are best friends lol.

the Ironman cycling distance is 180km, which is a really long way and I’ve done a bit of a research and it turns out Bolton is really really Hilly course.

My average cycling speed is : 20.4km / hour

If the race would have been today I’d cycle the 180 km in 8hrs 49mins 24 seconds. 

Its far from fast and I also need to remember that the cut off for the Bike: 10 hours 30 minutes (after you cross the swim start timing mat) + a further 10 minutes from the bike cut off to start the run

Also will need to keep in mind that the cycling route will have internal cut off points as well. When Ironman releases that date I’ll memories it back and forth so when I’m out there I will know which km mark belongs to what cut off times.

My plan is of course to get faster and average something like between  23km/hrs and 25km/hrs. With an average 23km/hrs I’d finish the cycling part in 7hrs 49mins 33secs, and if I get even faster to 25km/hrs then I’d finish it in 7hrs 12mins.

I do beleive I can get as fast as I need to be, and also currently with my slowest speed I’m only on my turbo trainer. So outside will be much better. I hope.


To be honest this is the part I’m not worried of at all. I know I can run a marathon, I mean I’ve run London and New York already. The only difference will be is that I’ll run the marathon after the swimming and cycling.

It’s hard to calculate what could be my running speed, because there’s absolutely no point me writing down my 5k speed because that won’t last for 42km.

Lets see what was my average pace for the NY marathon.

I’ve averaged 9:09mins/km in New York for 42km.

If the race would have been today I’d run the 42km in 6hrs 26mins 07 seconds. 

With 6 months constant training I’ll try to get faster with my running so I’ll have more spare time in Bolton.

I’d love to average an 8:30mins/km so I’d finish the run part in 5hrs 58mins.

The cut off for the whole race is: 17 hours (after you cross the swim start timing mat)

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 15.08.10

Would FAIL with my current speed


In 6 months time I hope I’ll be able to achieve the below paces and complete my first IM race. The most I need to improve is my swimming  then the cycling part. 180km is a really long way and a long time to sit on a bike.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 15.09.00

6 months time?

I’ve used this website to calculate my total Ironman finishing times:

As you can see I’m far from ready, I’m far from perfect but I’m the one who never gives up. 6 months bloody hard work is ahead of me to be able to achieve my planned paces. But when I’ll cross the finish line in Bolton town centre at almost midnight I’ll be happy and will know that all the sacrifice worth it.