Decathlon UK Discovery Morning

A week or so ago I’ve seen a post on facebook that Decathlon was holding a Discovery morning up in their head-office in London. They were looking for different kind of people to give feedback about their experience in Decathlon, or someone who wanted to try the items out but wasn’t too sure about it.

Filled out a really easy questionnaire made by google forms. They had a few different time slots, 2 weekday one and one on the Saturday. I decided to apply for the Saturday one, it meant that I don’t have to rush up to London straight after work and i can spend some time to do some shopping in London on Saturday.

Few days later I’ve got an email confirming that I was a successful candidate and they cant wait to see me on Saturday.

Forgot to mention that every participate will get some Decathlon freebies and they supply lunch and drinks. So it’s all sounded really good to me. I can take the train to London for free ( perks for working to the railway ) then get the underground which is always only a few pounds.

Canada water: 


I had to be there at 11am on the Saturday, because I don’t like being late i got there just after 10.30am. They have offered a free 30mins pilates class at the beginning but because I just bruised my knees I didn’t really wanted to make it worse. While the others were doing their pilates I had to wait in the conference room till 11am. Which meant I was the first one who was able to pick the colour of my goodie bag 🙂 So it definitely wasn’t the worst idea getting there first and not doing the pilates session.

Wasn’t many of us participating on the discovery morning, 8 of us all together. Which went down to 7 , because one of the guy was working for decathlon so he wasn’t able to stay.

We all started with a casual introduction, name, where we from, do we know decathlon ect.



After that we had to answer 2 questions.

  1. Our best customer experience

I didn’t specify one, but I said that warranties and returns are handled much much better in England compared to the Hungarian system.

2.  Our worst customer experience. How they company could of made it better ?

I said my worst one was at the airport. I travel a lot, visiting family back in Hungary. I always taking the same suitcase and its a tiny little hand luggage. It’s always fits into the measuring box in England, but never in Budapest. So I have my measuring tape with me and measure it for them. So they can’t fine me.

The next 2 exercise was a group exercise. For the 1st one we had to make an ‘ inspirational ‘ board with pictures and quotes from the magazines and newspapers we had on the table. If i remember correctly we had around 10-15mins to make one, and when we were done with it, we had to explain the reasons why we put them onto the board.

Here’s ours below:


After this we had our 2nd team exercise. We got a paper with loads of questions and had to go over to the Decathlon shop across the road and answer as many question as we could in 30mins. It was all about the brads and items. For example we had to find a specific bike and write down different specifications. The whole exercise wasn’t too hard, it just take us a long time to find everything because most of us wasn’t familiar with the shop.

When our time was up we walked back to HQ, to get our scores. Not too sure how but our team won 🙂

We went over to the lunch area, where there were about 10 boxes of pizza, fizzy drinks, beer, sweets etc. Had a few slices of everything and a beer as well. Why not? It was all free, hehe.

I think we finished roughly around 1.30pm, so it wasn’t a long day at all.

Back to the freebies part, everybody got a backpack, water-bottle and a Large towel. Because I went into the room fist i had the option to pick out the one I want first. I got the grey / yellow one so it matches with my Puma leggings. Colour coordination is so important haha.

To my surprise the backpack is the cheapest, and the towel is the most expensive.  But still its totally affordable and great quality, also Decathlon offers 356days long returns.

Check their prices out below. 


Hmmm needed to model the items with my matching pants: 




I think after this day I will definitely will visit Decathlon more.









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