Tikiboo capris – my first one

I’m part of a few ( can’t even count how many ) running groups on facebook. That’s where I’ve seen the brand Tikiboo first. They make the most awesome leggings in the World. I always wanted to buy one but never could really afford to pay £30+ for a single pair of leggings :/

Last Friday was my payday, and I really wasn’t planning to buy anything running related, because we going back to Hungary in a week time and after that we flying to New York. So October and November will be really expensive months.

BUT… I’ve received the below email on the same day :

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 11.54.50


25% off from selected summer stock. Hmmm I thought I’ll have a look, because I can’t resist an awesome sale.

Went through the items and have to say there was a fair few I really liked. But I couldn’t buy all of them unfortunately.  I really wanted to buy a colourful and funky design one.

Everyone who knows me they know that i love colourful stuff. I don’t really have just black running pants, I prefer the multi colour ones.

I decided to buy the one called ‘ Pop Art‘ and in the capri design. So i still can wear my funky colourful compression socks with them.

Luckily they had it in my size, so I placed into my basket. Originally it was £32.99 but with the 25% off I managed to buy it for £24.74. Absolute bargain 🙂

I’ve choose the normal 1st class delivery, and my lovely postie brought my parcel on Saturday morning.

It fits absolutely perfectly, love the little pocket at the back, the material is nice and stretchy. I’ve done the squat test and it’s definitely not see through!! So far I’m absolutely loving it.

I already bought a capri to run New York, but I think I’ll use my Tikiboo instead. Its fun, colourful and the Americans will love it 🙂

Check the pictures out below, and let me know what do you think.







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